New Forklift Sales

Let’s work together to establish the best technology for your needs

New forklift for sale

A high-quality forklift truck is an integral part of any future-proof materials handling solution. You can profit from our expertise and experience as a materials handling partner wherever your horizontal product transfer may occur, regardless of whether you work in manufacturing, warehousing, or any other area involving material handling. Identifying and reducing waste is an essential component of any business. When you reduce waste, you enhance throughput, efficiency, costs, and frequently find other observable gains like improved staff morale.

Let’s work together to establish the best technology for your needs. We provide a wide selection of sophisticated, state-of-the-art materials handling equipment, including forklift for sale. Our inventory features all varieties of forklifts (internal combustion and lithium-ion technology electric forklifts), reach trucks, order pickers, pallet stackers, pallet trucks, and cleaning equipment. Bidvest Materials Handling has a solution for all your lifting, moving, stacking, picking, and handling needs. With our range of forklift for sale, you can ensure your operations are equipped with the best tools for maximum efficiency.

Choosing the right forklift

Understanding what you and your business need is the first step when buying equipment for your job site. What kind of aisle space are you working with? How high do you need to lift? Using the wrong type of forklift can not only hinder your business’s productivity but also puts your company and employees at risk for workplace accidents. If you aren’t sure which type of forklift you need, speak to us about our forklifts for sale. We can arrange a consultation and site visit for a professional, no-obligation site assessment to help you determine the best forklift for your needs.

With our range of forklifts for sale, you can ensure you are making an informed decision that enhances your operations and safeguards your workforce.

We’ve Got More

New Forklift Sales

Tailored turnkey solutions for your unique requirements. We take care of your equipment so you can focus on your business.

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Rent to Own Solutions

Owning a forklift has never been easier. We offer a flexible rent to own program which means you rent for five years and it’s yours.

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Long Term Rentals

You can stay flexible by renting the forklifts you need at any moment, diesel, gas or electric. We have the forklift rental solution for you.

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Short Term Rentals

Our short term forklift hire rates are reasonable. Remain flexible and rent exactly the forklift trucks you need at the time.

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Refurbished Forklift Sales

Our quality refurbished forklifts come standard with a 3 month warranty, and are thoroughly serviced by our experienced team of professionals.

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Maintenance Contracts

By choosing the UniCarriers service and maintenance package, you can significantly improve the truck uptime in your facility.

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Space Saving Solutions

Modern warehouses require effective storage solutions to optimise thier levels of efficiency. Let’s book a consultation to discuss your requirements.

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Forklift Service & Parts

Engineers selected and trained by UniCarriers use manufacturer-approved components and lubricants to keep your machines running at peak performance.

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