March 22, 2018

2,5-Ton Forklifts for Sale

Best 2,5-Ton Electric Four Wheel Electric Forklifts for the Warehouse Environment in South Africa

 If you manage or own a warehouse, you also know that electric forklifts are well suited for the indoor environment. With various types of forklifts for sale, where do you start? For one, it is recommended that you buy from a trusted supplier of electric forklifts in South Africa. We meet the requirements and, as a distributor of the UniCarriers brand, we can present their 1,5- to 2,5-ton forklifts for sale with pride. But, let us take a closer look at the 1,5- to 2,5-ton forklifts for sale in the UniCarriers BX Series, as it will help you understand why so many companies prefer the UniCarriers 2,5-ton electric forklifts for their warehouses.

Well Balanced

In many instances, manufacturers focus only on environmental friendliness or only on performance. The 1,5- to 2,5-ton forklifts for sale in the BX Series offer it all. Eco-friendliness, energy efficiency, ease of operation, safety, low maintenance, and superb performance are features of the 1,5- to 2,5-ton forklifts for sale in the BX Series. Innovative technology adds to the appeal of these vehicles and, if you are looking for machines that can work long hours on end, you will not be disappointed with these units. The units are remarkably efficient and can work for long hours, thanks to their power-saving features.

Superb Performance

The 1,5- to 2,5-ton forklifts for sale in the BX Series boast swift travelling speeds, in addition to fast lifting speed. The units are fitted with dust- and water-resistant controllers and have various performance modes. The AC motor design has been implemented for higher lifting and travel speed, providing for faster operation and thus more work done in a day. With it being important to travel slowly in small spaces, the units are fitted with enhanced low-speed operation features. In addition, the machines have superb restarting capabilities on inclines. As such, the risk of rolling back upon starting and pulling away on inclines is significantly reduced. The units also have fuzzy logic acceleration control and optional smooth-run systems. The fuzzy control entails precise microprocessor control, enabling quick transition to fast acceleration for travelling long distance from one end to the other end of the warehouse. It also makes it possible to switch from fast acceleration and high speed to low speed when nearing loading points.

Ease of Operation

Difficult steering leads to early fatigue. To keep productivity high and the risk of accidents associated with fatigue to a minimum, it is essential to ensure easy steering and operation. The 1,5- to 2,5-ton forklifts for sale in the BX Series do not disappoint. The vehicles come with multifunctional LCD monitors, plenty of foot space, optional load meters, and optional single control levers. These units furthermore, feature 3-stage, full free mast carriage for optimal visibility and come with tilt-levelling systems if the optional load meters are installed. The soft landing system is available with the 2W mast units. Other features that enhance ease of operation include the foot parking brake and the vehicle style turn signal and small-stroke F/R indication levers. The operator has the option of using the three pre-set operation modes or to manually adjust lifting or travelling performance using the manual mode.

Safe Operation

The units feature sway-control and the mast-lock systems and restraint seats with suspension for comfortable seating. Security and safety are important in the warehouse environment. To prevent unauthorised use, the units come with PIN access systems.

Eco-Friendly Design and Energy Efficiency

Cost of operation eats into the profits of any business. As such, it is important to use forklifts that are energy-efficient. The 1,5- to 2,5-ton forklifts for sale in the BX Series come with no fewer than five regenerative functions to reduce energy usage. The units have real-time energy use indicators and optional LED headlamps and rear operation lamps, which help to reduce the energy load on the battery systems This, in turn, helps to prolong operating time. However, as it stands, the machines can operate for several hours before recharging is required. The units have switchback, foot brake, acceleration off, controlled rollback, and lifting or lowering regenerative capacities, ensuring best usage of energy.

If you are looking for high performance, energy efficient and safe 2,5-ton forklifts for sale look no further than the BX Series from the UniCarriers brand available from us in South Africa.


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