7 Reasons to Make Use of Forklift Rental Services

July 23, 2018 irenee@bidvestforklifts.co.za

7 Reasons to Make Use of Forklift Rental Services

7 Reasons to Make Use of Forklift Rental Services

You might think it’s ideal is to have as many forklifts as possible of all the right sizes available 24 hours a day, but in practice, that may just not be economical. You may want to consider forklift rental services if any of the situations below apply to you.

Peak Periods

If you operate a warehouse where storage of seasonal products is facilitated, you know that certain times of the year are busier. During the peak periods, you may need more forklifts and warehouse equipment than normal; however, the units are not operational for most part of the year. It thus makes sense to make use of forklift rental services for the peak periods. You do not have to maintain or store machines, or deal with monthly finance instalments in order to have additional equipment when needed.


You may have a once-off project in which you need to have forklifts at hand. Buying new or used forklifts for once-off projects is simply not cost-effective. Keep your capital outlay to a minimum and manage cashflow better by making use of forklift rental and hire services for once-off or few-and-far-between projects.

Cashflow Management

Use forklift rental services, as opposed to buying such equipment cash, to minimise the risk of cashflow problems. Instead of a large capital outlay, you rent or lease the equipment and use the capital for important projects.

Tax-Deductible Expense

A once-off purchase provides you with a large deductible expense. However, it is once-off. With forklift leasing or renting, you have a monthly deductible expense, helping to reduce your company’s tax liability. With this comes tax savings, which also help to improve cashflow.

Reduce Risk

Having your own equipment also comes with risks, such as breakdowns, which could cost you thousands in repairs and lost work hours. With downtime, you have the problem of not being able to manage your operations optimally. You pay your workers, even though they are not able to operate their equipment because the machines are out of action. When you make use of forklift rental and hire services, you can ask for a replacement at once or have the maintenance crew come and service the machine on the spot.

Prevent Loss of Productivity

What happens if one of your trusted forklifts suddenly stops working? You need to have it repaired, but while you wait for this to be done, you are without a trusted workhorse. The solution is to make use of short-term forklift rental and hire services to ensure that your operations can continue uninterrupted.


You may not have the cash at hand for a large deposit to buy expensive equipment, but you need the equipment as part of business-expansion requirements. The solution is to lease forklifts, enabling you to expand your business without the need for a large deposit. At the end of the lease period, you have the option to buy the machines and, since you have already paid a larg part of the amount, you have a lower amount left to pay. During the lease period, you can save up to ensure that you can buy the equipment when the opportunity presents itself.

Where to Rent

Of course, the service provider is just as important as the equipment you rent. You want to make use of affordable forklift rental and hire services from a trusted supplier such as Bidvest Materials Handling. We offer repairs and maintenance on all major makes and models of forklifts in South Africa. In addition, we are known for excellent quality of the equipment we stock as well as the rental services that we offer. View our range forklift rental and hire services and give us a call to discuss your particular renting or leasing needs.


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