September 17, 2019

a Forklift that Meets Your Warehouse Equipment Needs

How to Hire a Forklift that Meets Your Warehouse Equipment Needs

Make the best forklift-rental decision with our tips on what to consider, where to hire one, and when to do so.

Maximum Weight Requirement

Time is limited in a busy warehouse environment. There is simply no time to waste when weighing in every box or pallet. However, when it comes to your decision to hire a forklift, you need to check the maximum weight that the machine must be able to lift. In general, most of the loads will be less than the maximum weight required. Nevertheless, you do not want to rent a machine that cannot safely handle its cargo’s weight. To this end, choose a truck that can lift more than the maximum weight to ensure stable operation.

Load Dimensions

Before you consider the maximum height requirement, think about the load type and size. Do you want to hire a forklift to lift and place pipes, barrels, boxes or cargo on pallets? Perhaps even all of these? Depending on the load size and type, you might need to rent attachments as well. When it comes to calculations regarding the maximum height requirement, key in the length of the cargo too. Once you know the dimensions and type of loads, together with their weights, you can calculate the lift requirement. Keep in mind that the load dimensions also affect the fork lengths needed.


Armed with the information on cargo type, size, and weight, consider the height requirement before you hire a forklift. The machine’s lift capacity reduces as its lifting height increases. To this end, our experts can help to calculate the optimal lifting specification of the machine.

Where You Will Operate the Machine

We want you to get the most value for your money when you hire a forklift from us. With that in mind, we would have to know where you will use the machine. Will it operate in the walk-in fridge area, the warehouse yard, or narrow aisles? The answers determine the tyre type and whether a 4- or 3-wheeled machine is better suited to your needs. You also want to consider whether it will be used on inclines or level surfaces.

Operating Hours and Distances to Travel

How many hours per day must it operate? How far must it be able to travel with a full load? Speed, acceleration, energy consumption, and modes of operation required depend on the answer. Once again, our professional salespeople can help you make the best equipment-rental decision based on the information you provide. For indoor processes, we recommend that you rent an electric truck as it is quiet, provides long hours of operation, is low on maintenance, and does not emit any harmful exhaust emissions. The latter is vital when the machine operates in a warehouse where food products are stored. Determine height restrictions at the entrance to the warehouse or cool-room facilities too.

For How Long You Want to Hire A Forklift

We understand that your equipment needs are unique. To this end, we provide custom packages to meet your rental needs as well. You can hire a forklift on a weekly or monthly basis or opt for a long-term package. The short-term options are ideal, should you only need the equipment once-off or to fill in for another machine. These packages are furthermore great if you want additional equipment during peak periods.

The long-term packages can be structured on 3-, 5-, or 6-year terms. It is possible to have the rental package structured on a rent-to-own basis as well. Save money with our rental options. Let us get your operations going. Give us a call for a quotation to hire a forklift that suits your particular operational and time requirements.


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