February 25, 2020 irenee@bidvestforklifts.co.za

Affordable Diesel Forklifts for Sale

The Key Requirements of Diesel Forklifts for Sale

Undoubtedly, one of the most valuable and versatile additions to the field of materials handling has to be the forklift truck. The wide range of diesel, petrol, LPG, and electric models for sale has done much to speed up and simplify the handling of all manner of items, from groceries and small appliances to carpeting and building materials. Today, these robust workhorses have become ubiquitous and can be found all over the world in warehouses, at docksides and railway depots, and in almost any place where it is necessary to store and retrieve goods in bulk.

In the past, it was thought, quite justifiably, that the emission of exhaust gases containing harmful nitrogen oxides meant that the diesel forklifts for sale should be considered unsuitable for indoor use. Since then, in keeping with the requirements of environmental safety, catalytic converters have been introduced to reduce the toxicity of those emissions while engine noise has been reduced considerably, thus rendering these vehicles suitable for occasional indoor use also.

In addition to environmental concerns, manufacturers have also been working on various ways in which to improve the operator experience. Long shifts spent manoeuvering these vehicles when under pressure to perform can result in severe discomfort, stress, and even illness unless the ergonomic needs of the driver are adequately catered for. To these ends, the new breed of UniCarriers’ diesel forklifts for sale from Bidvest has successfully raised the bar in terms of its safety, comfort, and ease of operation.

With the backing of decades of experience in the design and construction of these vehicles, combined with the technologies learnt from the automotive industry, Nissan and TCM have partnered to form UniCarriers. As well as considering the environment and the needs of the operator, the third of the company’s key objectives is to ensure that the owners of all diesel forklifts offered for sale by Bidvest Materials Handling are happy too. Each of its vehicles has been designed to combine the exceptional build quality and performance characteristics that will ensure a reduced total-lifecycle cost.


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