May 15, 2017

Bidvest Forklift Range – Electric Forklifts

High-Performance Electric Forklifts for Optimal Productivity in the Warehouse

If you are looking for reliable forklifts to suit your work environment and applications, look no further than our forklift range, which includes powerful electric forklifts. But, to give you an indication of why so many companies already rent and buy the forklifts from our range of electric forklifts, we take a look at the TX Series/XQ2 Series of electric forklifts from UniCarriers. Forklifts in this range boast superb performance for optimal workload handling and safe operation. Comfortable, energy-efficient, and high-performance are the keywords to describe these electric forklifts.

Performance Control

With fingertip control lever technology included, the operator can enjoy optimal performance when needed. Getting the best productivity level is certainly a plus, but getting such power from an electric forklift on tarmac is something to boast about. Every model in this series offers not only exemplary performance, but exceptionally comfortable operator environments as well. With drivers spending long periods in the operator seat, it is essential to address all issues that could cause early fatigue. And with the personalised settings available, the driver can set up their operator environment to suit their particular requirements, helping to reduce fatigue and improve performance. The functions are located within the armrest, where the operator has optional fingertip electro-hydraulic control. This reduces the effort it takes to change travel direction, lift the forks, load, or sound the horn.

Lower Maintenance Time

Every hour out of operation for maintenance means lower productivity. This is why the TX range of electric forklifts has an onboard diagnosis menu and system for self-checks and easy troubleshooting, allowing for quick identification of problems and thus reduction in the time it takes to service the forklifts.

Lower Energy Consumption

Energy costs money and this is why it is important to have energy-efficient equipment in the warehouse. The UniCarriers range of electric forklifts is exceptionally energy efficient. However, energy efficiency must be balanced with high performance and you get both when buying one of these forklifts. In addition, you reduce your company’s carbon footprint by using the no-emission electric forklifts.

The electric forklifts have energy-monitoring technology, which allows for display of energy consumption data in real time. Why is it so important? Because it enables the driver to monitor the way they are driving to ensure best energy consumption practices. This is possible for every job because the information is available immediately. The vehicles come with regenerative systems for extension of operation time, as the systems collect power for recharging the batteries when the braking systems are engaged.

The electric trucks are equipped as standard with automatic power-off, which entails automatic cutting of power when not in operation. This helps to extend battery power and bypasses human error of leaving the truck powered on and thereby having its battery drained. Available in the TX (48-V, 3-wheel) and QX2 (80-V, 4-wheel) options, the trucks are made to be durable and to work long hours. The battery can be replaced without the need for a lifting crane. It has a roll-out feature, enabling faster replacement of the battery and thus less downtime, which can negatively affect productivity. The TX and QX2 are but two of the options available. We also have various other electrical forklifts, in addition to engine-driven forklifts and a range of warehouse lifting equipment, which includes pallet stackers, order pickers, reach trucks, and pallet trucks.

What We Offer

We offer rental and purchasing options of new and used forklift equipment in South Africa. Our services are comprehensive, including the sale of new and refurbished units, long-term rentals, maintenance contracts, parts supply on all brands, short-term hire, servicing of all makes of forklifts, battery supply, and maintenance of batteries. Our long-term rental packages range from three to six years and can be structured on a rent-to-own basis. We also offer weekly or monthly hire packages to suit client requirements.

We have Bidvest branches in Gauteng, Kwa-Zulu Natal, and the Western Cape and a network of dealerships in the other provinces of South Africa and are a proud supplier of the UniCarriers brand of equipment, which is a brand known for superb quality and after-sales services. Whether you require engine-driven or electric forklifts, you will be impressed with our range of products and services to meet your industry, budget, and application requirements in South Africa.


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