March 13, 2017

Bidvest Forklifts and Our Fleet

Bidvest Forklifts – FB Series of Electric Powdered Trucks as Part of Our Extensive Fleet

At Bidvest Forklifts, we believe in quality products and services. Our fleet of forklifts and warehouse lift equipment available to rent is always well maintained. In addition, our fleet of Bidvest forklifts and warehouse machines available for sale features top brands in the industry and includes electric, diesel, LPG, and petrol-driven forklifts in a wide range of models to meet your specific application requirements. The warehouse lifting equipment fleet consists of equipment ranging from order pickers and pallet stackers to pallet reach trucks. We will now briefly introduce the electrically powered pneumatic series (of 1,0-3,5 tonnes capacity) forming part of the Bidvest Forklift range below.

FB Series – Pneumatic Tyre – Electrically Powered 1,0-3,5-Tonne

The FB Series of electrically powered forklifts in our fleet has environmentally friendly features and is notably energy efficient. The trucks are made for the demands typical of modern work environments, and their designs have kept up with the increasing demand for driver comfort and improved steering. Featuring ergonomically designed interiors with easy-to-reach controls that are simple to use, adjustable seating, and various safety features, the trucks in this series are also characterised by their high safety standards. Fully hydraulic Orbitrol low-maintenance power steering is included for better manoeuvrability and less strain on the operator, while lowering the cost of ownership. A multi-function LCD panel displays the power consumption per hour, which is useful to determine energy savings and economy. Current and per-hour energy consumption are indicated, in addition to remaining battery time, which gives the operator an indication of when recharging will be necessary, avoiding costly downtime because of poor planning.

The trucks with EPS units offers 8,5 hours per charge, enough for a full workday of operation, so the battery can be charged after hours. This is possible because of the efficient AC drive motor. Power is also saved through the automatic power-off feature when the driver seat is not occupied. This is not just an efficiency feature, but also a safety feature. With the latest AC motors, it is possible to use the motors for both the drive and the lift operations, which helps to lower maintenance costs and improve the controllability of the machine. Because of highly efficient braking energy recovery, even more power is saved. With reduced switchback time, it helps to reduce the strain on the operator and thereby minimises driver fatigue.

Each of the vehicles has three selectable power operating modes to fit the specific requirements. This also helps to improve energy efficiency. In the Economy mode, at an average speed of 14 km/h, unloaded, nine hours of battery time is typically available. In the Power mode at a 15 km/h, unloaded, the battery gives 8,5 hours of operation before a recharge is needed. In the Super mode at 16 km/h, unloaded, battery life is around 8 hours. The battery charger can be used in super-equalising charge mode to apply an equalising charge every 24 hours after the end of the normal charge cycle. This ensures that the battery can be fully charged and the truck is always ready and can be used immediately, even if it has not been in operation for a long period. If the vehicle must operate continuously for a long time, the battery can be changed easily if the optional replacement system has been installed.

The forklifts have plenty of floor space, adding to driver comfort, reducing fatigue, and avoiding injury when embarking and disembarking. The floor height is also lower, with wider steps, for easier entering and exiting of the operator space. Each unit is fitted with a fork positioning laser system, which makes it possible for the driver to monitor fork height. This, in turn, improves safe operation of the forks and makes it easier to accurately position the forks into the pallet openings. As a result, the risk of load or pallet damage is reduced. It is an invaluable feature for improving load stacking at greater heights and for working in low-light conditions.

These are only a few of the features that make these electric forklifts so useful in warehouses. To view our full fleet, call us at Bidvest Forklifts to help you select the models suitable for your requirements.


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