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Energy-Efficient Reach Trucks for the Modern Work Environment

We offer clients a wide range of energy efficient and safe forklifts for sale. The FRSB Series of UniCarriers reach trucks forming part of our range of forklifts for sale is briefly discussed below to help you decide whether the forklift trucks in this range are suitable for your particular applications. These sit-on reach trucks come in capacity ranges of 1,4 to 2,5 t and feature exceptional operation time per single battery charge. Safety is always important in the work environment, and you will be glad to know that the forklifts in this range have added safety features, helping to reduce the risk of operator injury and accidents, which could cost your company money and risk the lives of workers on the premises. Features such as operator seat suspension systems, operation efficiency control, a load meter, and auto power-off add to the uniqueness and superb value of the forklifts for sale in this range.

Safety for Loading and Travelling

The reach trucks have load handling system speed limiters, which help to prevent spilling of loads associated with speeding. The moment the forks are raised to the maximum height, the weight and fork height are automatically detected and the maximum speed of travel and the reach are limited accordingly. The travel speed limiter is steering-angle sensitive and adds to the safety profile of the trucks. With this feature, the travel speed is automatically adjusted if the drive wheel angle reaches a specific value. This makes it possible to turn at a safe speed. Even the power steering is adjusted according to the truck’s travel speed. This allows for angling of the drive wheel based on travel speed, ensuring equally easy steering at low speed and thus improved stability.

Safe Operation

Only when the foot switch is pressed can the vehicle be operated. This ensures that the driver’s left foot must remain on the switch for operation. It helps to reduce the risk of injury, especially in small spaces. A password is required to start the forklift. Unauthorised usage is thus prevented. The risk of overloading is prevented with the load meter, which shows the approximate load weight on the forks when the forklift is stationary and the hydraulic system not engaged. The operator can thus immediately see if the load can be handled safely before the truck moves or the lifts are raised.

Improved Steering and Flow

The truck’s drive motor torque is automatically adjusted on a slope or if the reach truck is in a pothole. This makes it possible to get out of the pothole smoothly and to prevent spilling of the load. Each unit has an electromagnetic brake system, making it possible to hold a position and thus to park the truck immediately. It acts as a safe emergency brake.

Energy Efficiency

With up to 11,5 work hours on a single battery charge, it is possible to get through a workshift. This is possible because of the regenerative braking sytems, making it possible to get maximum performance and best energy efficiency. The AC motor can collect power during regenerative braking and then use it again, which helps to get more operation hours from a single charge. The operator can plan the work ahead by monitoring the power consumption rate and the battery time remaining by way of an LCD screen in the driver compartment. With the auto power-off feature, wastage of energy is elminated. If the forklift has not been in operation for 15 consecutive minutes, the automatic power-off engages. The driver, however, will immediately be able to see what the actual operating time is using the hour meter. This feature is also helpful for maintenance scheduling.

Driver Comfort

Driver fatigue leads to mistakes and lower productivity. It is important to create a comfortable and safe work environment for the driver and the forklifts for sale in this range certainly have the necessary features for optimal driver safety and comfort. Suspension seating, adjustable grips for getting on and off the vehicle, ample footspace, steering hand positioning and angling adjustment, and fingertip hydraulic controls are among the driver comfort features. Learn more about the features of the 8,5-m reach trucks in this range.

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