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Bidvest Forklifts (Our Services)

Bidvest Forklifts – Our Services & How we can Help You

“Total solutions to meet diverse needs” – that’s our motto at Bidvest Forklifts and when you discover just how comprehensive our services are, you are bound to agree. At Bidvest Forklifts, we want to make your experience dealing with our company and using our forklifts absolutely exceptional. Whether you are renting a forklift, buying a new forklift or browsing through our collection or pre-owned forklifts, you’re bound to feel taken care of by our professional and efficient team.

Let’s take it from the top! What do we have to offer? First and foremost, we offer engine driven and electric forklifts of various sizes and handling capacities to the market. We also offer a range of reach trucks, order pickets, pallet trucks and pallet stackers to the market for those who need forklift functionality in a warehouse setting/environment. You can choose to hire a forklift from us if it’s more convenient for you. In this case, you stand to save on the effort and cost of ongoing maintenance and servicing.

We will ensure that your forklift receives regular servicing and maintenance, and when repairs are required, only the best quality spare parts will be used. Most servicing can be done on site, but if we need to take the unit away for some reason, we will ensure that another is available to you. We don’t want you suffering from unnecessary downtime which directly translates into reduced productivity and a decline in profits. Another perk is that you can upgrade to a bigger or more powerful unit as your business grows and your needs change. You won’t be saddled with the unit forever, and changing your mind is simple and manageable.

Buying a forklift is just as useful. If you use a forklift on a very regular basis, have an ongoing need and the budget to support it, then a new forklift is a sound investment for your business. Remember that while we can provide you with a maintenance and service plan, as well as advice and guidance, it is important that you keep up with the unit’s ongoing maintenance and servicing. We can provide a maintenance agreement on all new units sold. We also offer services on all makes of forklifts, not only our own – and we also provide service agreements on all makes and models of forklifts.

Forklifts aren’t all that we deal with at Bidvest Forklifts. We also deal in convenience. We understand that you don’t have time to waste shopping around for a forklift that might not meet with your needs and expectations. With this in mind, we have made our service as convenient as possible. You can view all of our forklifts for rent and for sale on our website. Each listing is complete with the model’s details, as well as images and asking price. This makes it easy for you to shortlist forklifts that interest you.

This is just one way in which we can save you time and effort when shopping for the right forklift.Anyone who encounters our company for the first time will be completely impressed by our service offering. We offer fantastic units for sale, both new and used. In addition to this, we offer long-term rentals on units and can refurbish your existing unit if you want to get it back to its peak operating condition. We also supply maintenance contracts, spares, parts and batteries to our clients. By now you should be realising that the Bidvest brand is synonymous with a full, comprehensive service that’s designed to keep your business moving, functioning and profitable at all times.

If you’re not sure where you can get our forklifts in your area, rest assured that we have an extensive countrywide sales network that consists branches and dealer network branches. We currently have branches in all 9 South African provinces! We have integrated Nissan forklifts, TCM and UniCarriers into our network, so that we can serve the market better.

If you’re shopping around for the ideal forklift, turn to Bidvest Forklifts. Our services will impress you and we will ensure that you are provided with a variety of top-quality forklifts to choose from. Need more information and advice? Contact us at Bidvest Forklifts via email or telephone today.


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