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Bidvest Heavy-Duty Forklifts for Sale

Heavy-Duty Forklifts for Sale to Meet Your Application Needs

 We offer an extensive range of heavy-duty engine-driven forklifts for sale. To give you a better idea of the expansive range that we have available, we take a look at some of the features of the smaller forklifts, as well as our heaviest forklifts with the highest loading capacities.

Smart Machine Series

 If you are looking for the best quality and most reliable heavy-duty forklifts for sale, you will love the UniCarriers Smart Machine Series of internal combustion forklifts. The range includes three types of engines:

  • GCT K21;
  • Isuzu C240; and
  • Kubota V2403.

The above engines are well-recognised as exceptionally reliable and high performers suitable for all manner of heavy-duty operations. We briefly take a look at the 2,5- to 3-t heavy-duty forklifts for sale in the Smart Machine Series to give you a better indication of the type of quality and specification you can expect. The counterbalanced heavy-duty forklifts for sale in this range come with exceptionally comfortable driver compartments. Each unit has an big floor for maximum comfort. This adds to the safety profile, as it is easier to get into and out of the heavy-duty forklift without room to spare. Operators work long hours and, as the result fatigue can lead to mistakes and serious accidents. To help reduce the risk of fatigue, the UniCarriers heavy-duty forklifts offered for sale through Bidvest Forklifts, are available with comfortable and adjustable reclining seats. Optimal driver comfort is a given, and each unit has an operator seat fitted with a seatbelt for maximum safety.

Even the steering wheel design has driver comfort in mind. The steering wheel is small in diameter for better manoeuvrability and to reduce the space it takes up in the driver compartment. A wider step has been added to make it easier to get in and out of the vehicle compartment. This also helps to reduce strain and repetitive-stress injuries on the job. The parking lever is ergonomically designed and placed to the right of the small steering wheel to make access to the vehicle easier. It comes with a double-action brake release for optimal safety.

Heavy-duty forklift accidents are serious and always pose the risk of fatalities and permanent disability of injured parties. It is thus essential to reduce the risk of accidents, and UniCarriers has not disappointed in this regard. The heavy-duty forklifts for sale in their range are offered with an extensive array of safety features. The VM-type mast incorporates innovative fork-landing technology. The fork-lowering speed is reduced automatically at a height of around 150 mm from the ground, which helps to ensure highly accurate fork placement. The rear brake lights are highly visible. The lights are recessed to prevent accidents and damage, and to prolong their lifespan, as the units are less prone to be scratched by overhead obstacles. The lights are also vibration-resistant. With long bulb lives, you can expect lower maintenance costs as well.

Each unit also comes with a single-piece and very sturdy head guard to protect the driver from falling objects. The front and rear pillars are welded together, adding to the frame strength. A rubber strip attached to the hood of the unit helps to prevent slipping when entering or exiting the driver compartment. Optional extras include a windshield wiper, insulation kit, and rotating warning light and rear work light.

1F6 Series

 If you are looking for the best heavy-duty forklifts for sale, that can handle extremely heavy loads, you can also consider the 1F6 Series of 6- to 10-t engine-driven forklifts. These units have high power, but are still very fuel-efficient. Furthermore, they also boast superb acceleration, fast lifting speed, and three performance modes to match application requirements. The designs include easy-to-open engine hoods to reduce time related to maintenance and servicing, snap-fit hydraulic oil filler caps, and boltless floor boards. Operator comfort is also superb, with an unobstructed front view and tilt steering wheel. The vehicles have automatic transmissions, as well as electric directional control levers. Safety features include, but are not limited to, the safety device on the brake lever, easy-to-read instrument panel, and a sturdy designed mast.

Whether you need a forklift for the yard, or want a unit to add to your indoor warehouse operations, you will appreciate the superb quality of our range of heavy-duty forklifts for sale.


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