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Bidvest Reacher Trucks for Sale

Maximum Efficiency and Reduced Energy Usage – Bidvest Reacher Trucks for Sale

 Reacher trucks are specifically designed for operation in the narrow aisles often found in warehouses. They have superb turning capabilities, making it possible to turn in spaces where other machines cannot. When a load is lifted, the reacher truck moves it to within its wheelbase. This makes it possible to lift heavier loads without them loads protruding from the truck body. It enables these Bidvest reacher trucks to operate in small spaces. The Bidvest reacher trucks for sale from us are made for fast and efficient operation, energy efficiency, and superb performance. Read on if you want to know more about the Bidvest reacher trucks for sale in the FRSB Series.

FRSB Series

The FRSB Series of sit-on models from the UniCarriers brand are designed to be economical and to ensure driver comfort. If you are thus looking for Bidvest reacher trucks for sale, the trucks in the FRSB Series should be high on your priority list. These trucks are electrically powered, and we offer units for sale with capacities from 1,4 to 2,5 tonnes. Features of these reacher trucks include long operating time before charging is required, maximum safety, and optimal driver comfort. The units have features such as suspended operator seats, auto-power off, and load meters. Every feature is aimed at improvement of overall safety, efficiency, environmental friendliness, and comfort. If you thus want to reduce your company’s environmental footprint, it makes sense to look for Bidvest reacher trucks for sale. The longer operating times possible also means lower handling costs and maximum operation efficiency.

Extended Battery Life

The Bidvest reacher trucks for sale in this range feature smaller but more powerful motors. With the combination of smaller motors and regenerative braking, a lot of energy can be saved. This is what makes it possible to have 11,5 hours of battery life before recharging is required. The smaller motors mean lower power consumption, while the regenerative braking systems make it possible to collect energy during operation by means of braking. Some energy is thus recovered, helping to extend the battery charge.

Auto Power-Off

This feature, present on all Bidvest reacher trucks for sale in the FRSB Series, helps reduce power wastage, in addition to making the work environment safer. The power is automatically cut if the truck is not in operation for a period of 15 minutes with the key switch turned on. In addition, the hour meter stops to show the actual operating time. This helps you schedule maintenance at correctly intervals.

Power Consumption Indicator

Another feature of our Bidvest reacher trucks for sale is the power usage rate indicator. It comes with a battery time indicator. With the feature, it is possible to plan the work schedule accurately to avoid situations where the battery must be charged in the middle of worktime. The remaining battery time shown on the indicator is the period that the truck can work at the current level of power usage before recharging is needed.

Speed-Sensitive Power Steering

Safe operation is essential in the warehouse. Optimal steering ability is needed according to the truck’s travel speed. With the speed-sensitive power steering feature, the angle of the wheel is adjusted according to travel speed. The reacher truck will therefore be stable travelling at higher speed.

 Slip Control

With the AC drive wheel slip-control feature, smooth acceleration is achieved. This feature helps prevent spinning the wheels upon starting and acceleration. This is invaluable on a slippery surface, ensuring maximum safety.

These are only a few features of the Bidvest reacher trucks for sale. Get more information by downloading the reach truck brochures and giving us a call to help you select the unit that is suited for your operations.


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