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Buy A Forklift That Meets Your Company’s Operational Requirements

Buy A Forklift That Meets Your Company’s Operational Requirements

Before buying expensive machinery from just any brand, consider our forklift company, Bidvest Materials Handling. We specialise in materials-handling equipment and offer an extensive range of machines from the well-known and respected UniCarriers brand. UniCarriers offers innovatively designed machines that are eco-friendly, energy-efficient, durable, and low on maintenance. This forklift company offers an excellent range of electric and fuel-powered lift equipment for both indoor and outdoor use. Now that you know where to buy your machine, let us consider how to choose a forklift that is right for your needs.

Determine Your Needs

You cannot even consider buying a forklift if you do not know the purpose of having the truck as part of your company’s fleet. First, determine whether you need a new machine, one only for occasional use, perhaps for a once-off project, or as a replacement while your existing equipment is being serviced or repaired. If the machine is to be used on a daily basis and for long hours at a time, it is best to invest in brand-new equipment, as such comes with a maintenance plan or service-level agreement. New equipment will also always be sold with warranty cover and, being brand-new, will be able to operate for quite a while before needing a major service.

If you decide on buying a used unit for your company, you will be pleased to learn that we stock quality refurbished units from top brands in South Africa. As such, you can expect to pay less than for a brand-new unit but still get excellent quality. With refurbished machines, you do not have to be concerned about hours they have operated because they are extremely reliable and we stock parts on all major forklift brands in South Africa. Of course, you can also rent units from us for short term or once-off use. As an alternative, consider a long-term lease with the option of taking ownership at the end of the lease period. As you can see, our company offers you several options to best suit your needs and budget.

Operational Requirements

You need to establish the size, weight limit, performance parameters, tyre type, power source, lift height, attachments, and whether it is to be used indoors or outdoors (or both) before you can buy a forklift for your company, so we recommend speaking to our consultants who can help you assess your operational needs. You may, for instance, want a unit that can operate in small aisles, turn in tight spaces, and emits no hazardous exhaust gases. We can supply such a zero-emission electric unit, but the next question is what is the weight it must lift? To this end, determine the type of load that it must carry, the maximum stack height, and the type of surface on which it is going to be operated. Also consider the distances that the unit must travel, since you want a machine that can reduce your workload and save you time rather than slow down your operations. Here, too, our experts can help with information about all the available types, their performance profiles, maintenance needs, and more. They can help to match the machine with your operational requirements.

Our sales consultants can help you determine your operators’ requirements such as visibility, ease of access, password protection, cabin comfort, and more. They can help you determine the cost of ownership by assessing your productivity, maintenance costs, fuel or electricity costs, service cost, and the cost of spares. Armed with the right information, it will be easier to select a unit from our extensive range that fits your company’s exact needs. View our full range, download the brochures with specifications, and get in touch for professional assistance in procuring the right forklift for your business’s needs.


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