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Buy or Rent High-Quality Lifting Equipment in Gauteng

Buy or Rent High-Quality Lifting Equipment in Gauteng

 Though we offer an extensive range of lifting equipment for sale in Gauteng, we understand that you might also need to make use of forklift rental services. As such, we offer flexible and affordable forklift rental services throughout Gauteng.

When to Use Forklift Rental Services Rather Than Buying Lifting Equipment

If your operations are seasonal, where product demand is season-dependent, you will experience peak periods during the year. As such, you may need more forklifts than normal for short periods. Since it may not make economic sense to own forklifts that you do not use for long periods, you might want to consider our forklift rental services in Gauteng to help increase productivity during the peak periods. Cashflow management is extremely important in business, and even more so in the warehouse environment. You may want to have capital available for operations or perhaps later expansions. When you make use of our forklift rental services in Gauteng, you can expand your fleet without having to make a large upfront capital investment.

In this way, you can get the best equipment for the job, reduce your spending on maintenance, and benefit from support services. Our lease options are structured to help you benefit optimally from our forklift rental services in Gauteng. You can also maximise uptime and get peace of mind regarding ongoing operations when using our rental services in Gauteng. These services include 24-hour breakdown assistance, ensuring that your operations do not have to come to a halt because of breakdowns. If you only have short-term or once-off projects for which you need forklifts, it makes economic sense to rent rather than to buy forklifts in Gauteng. In this way, you reduce the cost of projects and can maximise your profits.

Rental Options

We understand that client needs differ and as such, offer various rental options to meet your requirements. To this end, we have short-term hire packages for rental of forklifts on a weekly or monthly basis. We also have long-term packages for periods ranging from three to six years. The long-term packages can be structured on a lease-to-own basis. This means that you can take ownership of the forklifts at the end of the lease period, according to the contract terms and conditions. We recommend that you speak to our consultants regarding the best options to meet your requirements.

Quality of Equipment

You will appreciate our extensive range of forklifts available for sale and our rental options in Gauteng. The units are designed for maximum uptime, optimal performance, and energy efficiency. As such, cost of ownership is kept low and you benefit from our affordable pricing options. We have engine and electrically driven forklifts. In the engine-powered category, we offer equipment of 1,5- to 3-tonne capacity. In the electrical range, we offer trucks from 1,25- to 3,5-tonne capacity. We have the equipment to meet your particular lifting and operational requirements.

 Parts and Service

Whether you buy or rent forklifts from us, you will appreciate our extensive range of parts for all major forklift makes available in South Africa. The parts are genuine and, as such, there is no compromise on quality. We offer maintenance agreements on new unit sales and servicing on all makes of forklifts, in addition to service agreements on all forklifts.

Second-Hand Forklifts

If you do not want to foot the large bill to purchase brand-new units, but want to add to your fleet, you can also opt to buy one of the second-hand units from us. Regardless of whether you want to buy or rent, you will appreciate our extensive range of equipment, the superb service support, and flexible forklift rental services we offer in Gauteng.


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