Choosing Forklifts for Your Gauteng Operations

January 27, 2020

Choosing Forklifts for Your Gauteng Operations

Choosing The Right Forklift for Your Gauteng Operations

We are one of the largest forklift companies in Gauteng. At Bidvest Forklifts, you have the options to purchase for cash, buy on finance, lease, rent short- or medium term, or buy used forklifts. We offer the same options for our branch in Cape Town. So, whether your operations are in Gauteng or the Western Cape, you can rely on our range of forklift products and services. We stock the UniCarriers brand of lifting equipment, known for its energy-efficiency, safety, compact designs, durability, and superior performance. Our range of forklifts includes electric and internal-combustion machines. Since it is important to get the right machine for your particular needs, whether you rent or buy, we look at some of the important factors to consider when you are selecting forklifts for your operations in Gauteng.

Choosing the Tyres

It may seem odd to mention tyres but all forklift tyres are not simply the same and this is an important consideration One cannot ignore the importance of tyres in terms of performance, their ability to traverse various types of terrain, and their load-carrying capacity. Here you need to decide whether you will operate your forklifts on paved areas, in a warehouse, or outdoors on a construction site. Three types of tyres can be distinguished. The pneumatic tyres are suited for outdoor terrain where heavy lifting is required. These tyres are quite conventional in concept, being made from rubber and filled with air, like the type used on cars and trucks. Forklifts fitted with such tyres can work outdoors on gravel, asphalt, and dirt roads. Keep in mind that, as is the case with any pneumatic tyres, they can be punctured.

Solid tyres are made from solid rubber and are, therefore, not filled with compressed air. These tyres are exceptionally durable, making them perfect for construction sites in Gauteng. The units fitted with such tyres can operate in scrapyards, recycling plants, construction areas, and mines. However, the tyres are somewhat more expensive than the conventional pneumatic ones. For indoor use at a Gauteng warehouse, consider electric forklifts with cushion tyres. These tyres have lower profiles and are installed directly onto the forklift wheel. The small profiles make them perfect for turning in small spaces. Machines with cushion tyres fitted have a low ground clearance, making them best suited to indoor use.

Indoors or Outdoors

If the machines are used indoors, you want low noise levels and no hazardous exhaust emissions. To this end, the electric units in our range would suit your requirements best. They can work for several hours on end before their batteries have to be recharged. With their regenerative features, energy is saved. Designed to be compact, these units are low on maintenance and built with operator comfort and safety as main priorities. With the exceptional performance characteristic of each of our units, you can rest assured that the machines are superb value for money. Select one according to your needs in terms of lift height, weight, dimensions, and attachments required. The fuel-powered units can handle the harsh operational environments of Gauteng’s construction sites. As with our electric trucks, these machines are built to last and many of our internal-combustion units are also impressively quiet, with low emission levels. Several performance modes are available. Each unit is built for maximum safety, superb handling, accessibility for maintenance, and fuel economy.

Where to Find Machines to Match Your Lift and Performance Needs

Determine where you will use the forklifts and decide whether you want the machines for short-term or frequent use. Determine your lift, performance, terrain, height, and turn-ratio requirements. Once done, browse through our extensive range or get in touch with our office for professional help to select machines to meet your operational requirements in Gauteng.


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