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Diesel Forklifts for Sale and More

Determining Your Forklift Requirements

Should you buy electric or diesel forklifts for your operations? Is petrol or diesel better? Where to find such forklifts for sale? If you want answers on the above questions, simply read on as we briefly look at some of the considerations when browsing for electric, petrol, or diesel forklifts for sale in South Africa.

What are your requirements?

Determine your exact requirements. Do you need the forklifts for yard, construction, or indoor use? How high must they be able to lift? What will be the heaviest loads that the machines must be able to carry and lift? Will you need them for lifting of mainly heavy materials? Will the forklifts be used for moving pallets or will you need special attachments for moving things like barrels? What is the available manoeuvring space? What is the narrowest path or aisle? How many hours per day must they operate? Do you need the forklifts for both indoor and outdoor use? Once you have established where the forklifts will be used and for what, you can decide between the many electrical and petrol or diesel forklifts for sale. The petrol and diesel forklifts for sale today are meant for outdoor use and for heavier loads. The units are fitted with tyres to facilitate safe outdoor use.

Should you buy new or used diesel forklifts?

You may be tempted to buy one of the used diesel forklifts for sale because you want to save money, but be careful. Used equipment has already used up part of its lifespan. As such, it is essential to look for refurbished petrol or diesel forklifts for sale rather than just buying from a private seller directly. You want to buy from a reputable supplier of such equipment. Bidvest Materials Handling fits the profile. We offer new and refurbished petrol and diesel forklifts for sale. Every product we sell is well maintained and thus gives you many hours of work. New is more expensive, but comes with various guarantees. Here it is a question of budget constraints.

Should you rent, lease, or buy?

If you need the equipment only for very short periods, it makes sense to rent rather than buy forklifts. Lease is the long-term option with benefits such as a maintenance plan and support when you need it. With a lease, you have a monthly tax-deductible expense and do not have to spend a large capital amount when buying the equipment. However, if you need machines to form part of your permanent fleet of lifting equipment, we suggest browsing the range of new and refurbished petrol or diesel forklifts we offer for sale.

Choosing the Seller

Review the company’s background and the brands of petrol and diesel forklifts for sale from them. For instance, we sell the UniCarriers brand, known for superb quality, durability, fuel efficiency, low environmental impact, and operator safety. The durability of the UniCarriers petrol and diesel forklifts we have for sale is a major reason to buy the UniCarriers brand. We also stock parts for all the brands and models of forklifts we sell.

Available Range

Of course, it makes sense to buy from a company that can meet various material-handling equipment needs. Again, we fit the profile. Apart from the electric, petrol, and diesel forklifts we offer for sale, we also offer warehouse equipment such as pallet stackers, reach trucks, and order pickers. As such, we can meet all your various material handling needs.

Service and Maintenance

You will be glad to know that we also stock parts on other brands of diesel forklifts for sale in South Africa.  In addition, our clients benefit from our service and maintenance plans to keep their machines in top condition.


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