August 23, 2017

Eco-Friendly Forklift Warehouse Equipment

Eco-Friendly Forklifts for Maximum Performance and Optimal Safety

 Looking for forklift warehouse equipment that will improve productivity, ensure safe operation, and reduce the need for expensive maintenance? Then consider the UniCarriers BX Series 4-wheel 1,5- to 3-t pneumatic-tyre electric forklifts as available from us. The BX Series of forklift warehouse equipment is electric, offering features to allow for long operating hours, superb performance, reduced environmental impact, and lower energy consumption. The units have excellent performance capacity and superior lifting and load handling ability, making them essential forklift warehouse equipment.

Higher travelling speed equals faster operation and movement of inventory, essential in today’s highly competitive warehouse and distribution environments. Ergonomic design features add to the amazing handling, driver comfort, and smooth operation of this forklift warehouse equipment. Features, such as the single lever for simultaneous lifting and tilting, add to the speed and efficiency of the BX Series. However, customers do have the option of double lever gun grip, should they prefer it. Tilt levelling is made easier with a convenient button on the mast control lever to automatically level the forklifts to the horizontal position. Signalling the intention to turn and switching on lights are simple and the forward/reverse lever has a short stroke. The tiltable steering wheel is small to improve forward visibility and to make steering easy.

Eco-friendly designs in forklift warehouse equipment are important today, as the pressure to reduce environmental impact increases in the industry. With investment in the BX Series of forklift warehouse equipment, your company thus bolsters its environmentally friendly profile. Features such as advanced energy reclamation help to reduce energy consumption and to increase operating hours. Regeneration is embedded in the footbrake, acceleration-off, lifting and lowering, and switchback functions. Operating hours are also extended with features such as power steering (with load sensor) and automatic power cut-off. The power steering with load sensor diverts oil to the hydraulic circuit only when the power steering is engaged. If the forklift is not operated for 15 seconds, power is automatically cut, preventing energy wastage and thus helping to increase operating hours.

The operator can monitor the regenerative energy capacity and the amount of energy used through a real-time display. This helps to prevent situations where the forklift can run out of energy in the middle of a lift and thus also improves warehouse operation management. The headlights and rear lights are fitted with LEDs for optimal brightness and reduction in energy consumption. Warehouse space management is also an important consideration in cost management. With this in mind, aisles are often made narrower to save on space. This creates a problem in terms of manoeuvring and product placement, but with the cushion-tyre BX Series of forklift warehouse equipment, the problem is effectively addressed. The units can operate in small spaces and boast exceptional manoeuvrability.

With it also being essential to ensure optimal occupational safety in the workplace, the safety design features of the forklifts in the BX Series should impress.  The seat is designed for optimal comfort and safety and has a warning signal that audibly buzzes when the operator attempts to leave the seat without first engaging the parking brake. Lifting and tilting operations are automatically locked with the mast-lock system when the operator leaves the seat, considerably reducing the risk of mast and lift accidents. Operating reliability is improved through the sway-control system, while the standard PIN access helps to prevent unauthorised usage of the forklift equipment. The PIN system allows for registration of up to five PINs and recording of performance and operating hours associated with each PIN. This helps management in monitoring employee performance.

The risk of discharging of the battery too much is prevented through the pump-cut and low-voltage locks, in addition to operator warning of low battery level. A LED display informs the operator of battery time remaining and a warning is given when the battery must be charged immediately. Ten minutes after the first display, a second display and warning are given with a buzzer to alert the driver of the need to recharge. If the operator ignores the warning the pump is cut and low-voltage lock engaged to prevent damage to the battery.

Benefit from reliability, safety, eco-friendly design, energy efficiency, and durability of forklift warehouse equipment by using the BX Series. View the full range and make use of our expertise in selecting the model that will fit your particular operational requirements. Bidvest Forklifts can assist you if you are thinking of hiring a forklift.


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