March 22, 2018

Eco-friendly Forklifts for Sale in South Africa

The Ultimate High-Performance 4-Wheel, Eco-friendly Forklifts for Sale in South Africa

 If you are looking for the top of the field eco-friendly forklifts for sale then you cannot do better than the FB Series available from Unicarriers. The four-wheel forklifts in the range of 1,5- to 3,5-tonne eco-friendly forklifts for sale through us are high performers and exceptionally energy efficient. The units are made for the high demands of modern warehouse environments. Optimal controllability and amazing operator comfort are, but two of the features that add to the appeal of the FB Series forklifts. Ergonomically designed cabinets and controls add to the safety profiles of the units. With it being essential to limit occupational injuries the above features should be high on the priority list when browsing for eco-friendly forklifts for sale.

Driver Comfort

The FB Series features the most compact forklift bodies in the class. The units come with safety seats, easy-on and -off designs, wide foot space, integrated turn signals, as well as light switch levers. The steering columns in the trucks can tilt to meet driver requirements. The units also feature super equalising charge and optional fork positioning, in addition to optional simplified batter replacement features. The lower floor height enables easy access to and from the operator cabinet. This helps to reduce the physical demand on the operator and thus prevents early onset of fatigue.

Exceptional Safety

Not only are the forklifts for sale in the FB Series eco-friendly in design. The units are exceptionally safe to operate. All the trucks in the series are fitted with anti-rollback, wide-view mast, speed limiters and steering angle sensitive speed limiting features. In addition, the units come with password access control to prevent unauthorised use. The optional travel and load handle interlock, as well as load meter systems, are well worth the installation.

Eco-friendly Design

Few electric forklifts can boast the superb eco-friendliness in design of the FB Series of forklifts for sale from us. The units come standard with hydraulic Orbitrol power steering. The low maintenance required on these types of steering units helps to keep cost to company low. The eco-friendly forklifts for sale furthermore feature LCD panels that display the remaining battery time and the current energy usage on screen. The operator can see the consumption per hour as well and can thus plan operations to ensure that recharging can take place after completion of the workload. The machines feature auto power-off and various regeneration functionalities to save on energy. Three output modes are available to cater for fast and slow speed operations. The units fitted with optional EPS also now come with longer battery runtime per charge and machines are fitted with a new type of AC motor.

Regenerative Power

The regenerative functionality for braking, switchback, and accelerator-off significantly reduce the switchback time and thus help to reduce driver fatigue.

Long Battery Time

The eco-friendly forklifts for sale fitted with EPS feature 8,5 hours of battery operation on a single charge. This is possible because of the new type of AC drive motor that uses less current in combination with the regenerative functions. When set to super equalizing charge the battery is charged every 24-hour cycle at the end of the regular cycle charge. It makes it possible to have a full battery for immediate operation after the forklift has not been used for a prolonged period.

Auto-Power off Helps to Reduce Energy Usage

The eco-friendly forklifts for sale in the FB Series come with the auto-power off function as mentioned earlier. If the operator seat is unoccupied for a specific period then the machine power is switched off automatically. The feature helps to reduce energy usage whilst it also helps to prevent accidents from happening upon re-entering of the operator seat.

Three Power Modes

The operator can select between economy, power and super mode to match travelling and load handling requirements. The unit can travel at 14 km/h unloaded in economy mode for nine hours. In power mode the unloaded unit can travel at a speed of 15 km/h with operation time of 8,5 hours. In super mode the unloaded unit can travel at a speed of 16 km/h and operate for up to eight hours.

View the FB Series of electric eco-friendly forklifts for sale and call on our experts to help you select the units suitable for your warehouse applications.


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