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Eco-Friendly Forklifts for Sale

Eco-Friendly Forklifts Help to Reduce Warehouse Operation Costs

If you are looking for warehouse lifting equipment, consider the range of eco-friendly forklifts we have for sale. However, before we discuss the various 3-wheel and 4-wheel eco-friendly forklifts for sale from Bidvest Forklifts, let us consider why eco-friendliness is essential in the modern warehouse environment.

Reduced Environmental Footprint

With the increased focus on sustainability, it is essential for the modern business to show its clients that it has taken the necessary steps to minimise its environmental impact. By buying one or more eco-friendly forklifts as offered for sale by us, you can do just that. Eco-friendly design is about energy efficiency, reduced emissions, and reduced need for maintenance and parts replacement. You will notice that the eco-friendly forklifts we offer for sale meet and exceed the above requirements, enabling you to improve your company’s sustainability profile and meeting requirements of standards such as ISO 14001.

TX Series Three-Wheel 1,25-2-Tonne Electrical Forklifts

The machines in the TX Series feature innovative designs, enabling increased performance, improved work efficiency, and improved safety. With the flexible operation modes, the operator can select the mode most suitable for the particular work environment and load. A load indicator is optional, enabling the operator to monitor the load weight. This helps to reduce the risk of accidents related to overloading. At the same time, the operator can use the information to select the best work mode for the particular situation. In E (Economy) mode, the truck uses less energy, with P (Power) mode suitable for heavier loads and optimal performance. The H (High) mode is well suited for faster travelling.

Ease of operation is facilitated with features such as fingertip control integrated with the armrest. The system utilises electro-hydraulic control levers for changing travel direction and control lift operations. With this system in place, driver fatigue related to equipment operation is significantly reduced. Optimal productivity is only possible if the equipment provides for maximum uptime. Fortunately, the eco-friendly forklifts for sale in the TX Series come equipped with numerous features to ensure maximum operation time and reduced time needed for maintenance. With downtime meaning productivity loss, this is a feature not to be ignored.

Each unit features an on-board diagnostics system for integrated self-checks. It makes troubleshooting easy and reduces maintenance downtime. The units in the TX Series are extremely energy efficient. With fewer charges required, you can reduce your firm’s carbon footprint over the long term. The embedded energy monitor in each unit provides data about energy consumption. This makes it possible for the operator to monitor it and reduce energy consumption.

Also adding to the eco-friendly character of the forklifts for sale in the TX Series is the integrated regenerative system that helps to increase operation time through the collection of power for recharging the battery when the machine is braking. Each unit is furthermore fitted with the auto-off feature, which switches off the machine when it is not in use for a particular period. As such, it is possible to increase operation time. Replacement of the battery is made easier with the optional battery rollout feature. With it in place, the time it takes to replace the battery is reduced, enabling you to benefit from maximum uptime.

BX Series Four-Wheel 1,5-2,5-Tonne Eco-Friendly Forklifts for Sale

If you are looking for 4-wheel lifting equipment to handle larger loads, consider the forklifts in the BX Series. The units have five regenerative functions to generate energy and thus to make the machines more energy efficient. Energy regeneration is attained through switchback, accelerator-off, lifting/lowering, footbrake, and controlled rollback.

The trucks in this series have real-time energy consumption indicators that show the amount of energy used during lifting and travelling operations as well as regeneration of energy. The LED headlamps help to reduce energy usage and provide for lower heat emission. The LED lamps have diffusing lenses, which widens the light path and improves the visibility of the surroundings. In addition, the lamps have longer operational lives than conventional headlamps. Maintenance costs associated with lamp replacement are reduced, since only the outer lenses need replacement if damaged.

View our range of eco-friendly forklifts for sale and call us for more information or to help you choose the equipment that is right for your particular operation environment.


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