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Electric Forklifts for Sale

Electric Forklifts for Sale: How to Choose the Right One for Your Warehouse

Choosing the right machine for your warehouse operations from the many electric forklifts for sale need not be daunting. Just determine your exact needs. Here are some questions to help you narrow down your choices in terms of the electric forklifts for sale.

  1. Type of stock. What type of load must it handle? Does it need to carry and lift barrels, boxes, items of various sizes and shapes, or packed pallets? This determines which attachments to get.
  2. Height requirements. How high must the machine typically lift the load? What is the maximum lift height required? Remember, the machine must be able to lift the load higher than the highest shelf.
  3. Load weight. What is the heaviest load that the machine must carry and lift? How far must it travel with the load? How often does it have to lift the heaviest load to the highest shelf?
  4. Load size. The shape, size, and width of the load must be considered in relation to the weight and lift-height requirements.
  5. Turning space. How wide are the aisles? What is the tightest turn the machine must be able to make?
  6. Operating hours. How many hours must the machine operate without a break at normal capacity in economy mode and how many hours at maximum weight and lift? The range of electric forklifts we have for sale includes machines that can operate many hours on end before their batteries require charging.
  7. Floor surface. How even is the floor surface?
  8. Will only one operator use the machine or will several have access and authorisation to use it? The machine must have an adjustable seat and steering wheel and password access if used by several people.

Once you have determined your exact warehouse needs, browse the range of electric forklifts we have for sale to find one that matches your needs. You can also call our consultants for help in choosing the machine that suits your warehouse environment and operational requirements.


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