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Safety and Energy Features of the UniCarriers FB Series Electric Forklifts

If you are looking for high-performance electric forklifts in the 1,0- to 3,5-t range, we recommend having a look at the UniCarriers FB Series. The electrical forklifts in this series are designed specifically for the modern business environment, with the focus on environmentally friendly and energy-efficient equipment.

Ergonomically Designed

Occupational health and safety is another important aspect in the contemporary commercial and industrial environment. The ergonomically designed seating, safety features, and controls for protection of the driver against health and safety hazards of the FB Series of forklifts are worth noting. The electric forklifts come with fully hydraulic Orbitrol power steering, known for its low-cost maintenance requirements. Power steering adds to the manoeuvrability of the forklift and helps to reduce the physical demands on the driver by reducing the effort it takes to turn, even with a full load.

The manufacturers also made provision for comfort when it comes to getting into and out of the forklift. In most work environments, the operator will have to step off the forklift several times a day. The low floor and wider steps play an important role in helping to reduce operator fatigue. The steering can tilt and the driver seat is designed to reduce fatigue, with adjustable height and backrest angle to suit the operator. This also adds to the versatility of the forklift, since any of the company’s authorised drivers can use it and adjust the seating to suit them. Soft padding also adds to driver comfort, while the design helps to protect the driver against injury.

Load Safety

With a travel and load-handling interlock system, the risk of accidents is reduced. The system automatically locks load and travel functions the moment the operator’s seat is not occupied. This prevents accidents related to unintentional control lever movement while the vehicle is not occupied by a driver. The interlock system engages when the operator stands up to, for instance, inspect the load in front. Unauthorised usage of the electric forklift is prevented with a password system. In order to start the vehicle, the driver must enter the password. It also renders the vehicle useless for thieves.

Overloading is prevented with an optimal load meter, which indicates the exact load weight on the forks. The forklift also features an anti-rollback features to prevent backward movement on a grade if the driver removes their foot from the brake pedal, so the driver can expect smooth restart and thus safe load handling, even on a grade. The warehouse manager can also set the speed limiter to prevent operation of the truck at a higher speed than allowed for at the work premises and thus reduce the risk of accidents and injuries.

Energy Saving

The trucks fitted with optional EPS have the advantage of longer battery runtime on a single charge. This is achieved through the specially designed AC drive motor using less current, in addition to systems allowing for regenerative braking. With these, it is possible to get up to 8,5 hours of battery runtime on a single charge. The FB Series of 1,0- to 3.,5-ton electric forklifts have LCD panels enabling the driver to regularly check the power consumption per hour and remaining battery time. Three power modes are available for optimal energy saving. The Economy mode gives up to nine hours of battery time if operated unloaded at a speed of up to 14 km/h. In Power mode, the truck gets 8,5 hours of battery time when operated unloaded at a speed of maximum 15 km/h. In Super mode, the truck can travel up to 16 km/h unloaded with battery time of eight hours.

With the mode switches, it is possible to set power consumption and speed according to job and load requirements, enabling the driver to get the best performance for the particular task and then to switch back to a more economical and energy-efficient mode. The battery charger can be set to deliver a super-equalizing charge and an equalising charge be applied every 24 hours and at the end of each battery cycle, to ensure that the battery is always fully charged and available for immediate usage.

Benefit from safer, more economical, and environmentally friendly lifting equipment for your warehouse environment. View the full range of electric forklifts for hire and call us for more information and selection tips.


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