March 26, 2019

Electric Forklifts

How to Choose the Right Electric Forklifts

Choosing the right equipment for your particular application is essential to ensure maximum productivity, lowest cost in terms of the maintenance and longevity of the machinery, safety of workers, and best return on your investment. As such, here are a few tips on choosing electric forklifts to help you get the most out of your investment.

Load Capacity

What is the maximum load to be carried and what is the average load that the forklift must carry? Choose electric forklifts according to the weight and size of loads to be carried and lifted to the particular height required.

Type of Load

This is as important as the weight and size, as well as the maximum required reach. Do you want electric forklifts to move single or double pallets? Must the machines lift pallets with boxes or awkwardly shaped products? Determine the load type before setting out to buy electric forklifts.

Turning Radius

How wide are the aisles between the shelves? How much space is available for turning? It may not seem important now, but it is of no use investing in electric forklifts that cannot operate within the available space.

Travel Distance

What is the total floor distance that the machines must travel with and without loads? If it is a large warehouse, you need electric forklifts with a mode for travelling longer distances and that helps reduce the power needed while ensuring the machines can do several trips a day.

Operating Hours

Do you require machines to operate eight hours straight? If so, you will want to invest in machines equipped with power-saving and -regeneration features to ensure they can complete their shifts without needing recharging.

How Many Machines You Need

Working with just one electric forklift when you need more is counterproductive. As such, determine the workload spread and then decide on the number of machines to buy or rent.


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