October 22, 2018 irenee@bidvestforklifts.co.za

Electrical Forklifts and Their Benefits

Learn More about Electrical Forklifts and their Benefits for Warehouse Operations

We know how important it is to choose the right equipment for your warehouse operations. Part of the process entails learning about the various equipment and their features. To this end, we briefly look at electrical forklifts and their benefits to the warehouse environment. Electrical forklifts are trucks that are driven by electrical motors rather than internal combustion engines. The units have rechargeable batteries. Once fully charged, the batteries provide sufficient operational time to ensure a full day’s work can be done before needing a recharge.

Benefits of Electrical Forklifts

The units are quiet, since they are powered by AC motors. Though it may not seem like an immediate benefit, when one considers how noise can create an unsafe indoor work environment, it makes sense to choose warehouse equipment that does not make noise. These types of lifting equipment are energy-efficient. To save on power usage, and to ensure that the trucks can work through a shift, units are often fitted with technology that enables auto switch-off when the vehicles are not in use. This prevents draining of the batteries. In addition, such units have on-board features that enable regenerative recharging of the battery through braking. Every feature is added to help minimise power usage.

With no internal combustion engines, such electric forklifts also do not emit harmful gases. This is important, since working in an enclosed environment where hazardous gases are emitted is very bad for workers’ health. Any type of emissions in the warehouse environment affects the safety and hygiene of products stored in the warehouse. For an indoor environment, electrical forklifts are certainly the best option, especially considering that the units are exceptionally manoeuvrable.

Now that you know a bit more about the benefits, have a look at our range of forklift trucks and give us a call to help you choose the units most suitable to your operations.


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