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Electrical Forklifts for Sale

Top Features of the UniCarriers BX Series Electrical Forklifts for Sale from Bidvest Materials Handling

We offer a vast range of electrical forklifts for sale, ensuring we can meet both your budgetary constraints and application requirements. To help you understand why our equipment is considered to be amongst the best, we take a closer look at the features of the UniCarriers BX 1,5-3-t series of electrical forklifts for sale from us.

Why the New BX Series?

The BX Series of electrical forklifts we offer for sale have environmentally friendly designs, with batteries giving superb output and a long operating time. High performance, easy steering, comfortable operator compartments, and excellent safety features make these electrical forklifts top value for money. Lots of foot space improves driver comfort and facilitates easy entering and exiting of the operator compartment.

Control the Performance to Meet the Job Requirements

Not many electrical forklifts for sale today can boast four performance modes. Each unit has the normal three modes plus a manual mode for optimal performance management. The operator can select from three normal modes or manually set the performance mode. Economy mode is for longer operating time, Power for normal operation, and High for maximum performance. Manual allows the customisation of the machine’s performance.

Superb Low-Speed Precision and High-Speed Ability

The accelerator pedal is designed for precise control, improving performance and lifting precision. Each of our electrical forklifts has microprocessor control over acceleration, giving the operator fine speed control to ensure safety and top performance. The units have AC motors, ensuring good lifting and travelling speeds. Of course, with that comes the benefit of optimal productivity, which is essential for any type of business.

Incline Precision and Regenerative Functions for Longer Operating Hours

The machines have advanced features to ensure smooth restarting on inclines. The helps prevent accidents and reduces the risk of damage to the load. The units’ designs are eco-friendly, proven by the inclusion of no fewer than five regenerative functions to maximise available energy. Energy is reclaimed in various ways to help prolong work hours. These include switchback, foot-brake, accelerator-off, and controlled roll-back regeneration.

Easy Monitoring and Safer Operation

One of the key features of the BX series of electrical forklifts we offer for sale is their easy operation. Each unit has an LCD display enabling the operator to monitor vehicle speed, performance modes, warning lights, and battery charge. They also have self-diagnostics systems to reduce maintenance time. Each unit has a foot-operated parking brake, which makes it easier for the operator to quickly engage the brake. Its hand release helps reduce the risk of accidental release. This, in turn, ensures safer forklift operation and thus a reduced risk of accidents. The LCD display has a buzzer to warn the operator if the forklift is overloaded. An indicator on the monitor shows the weight, helping the operator see how much weight is on the fork. With load weights displayed every five seconds when the vehicle operates at a speed below 3 km/h, the operator is updated on the weight and can thus make immediate adjustments to prevent overloading.

PIN-Based Access Control to Prevention Unauthorised Usage

Each of the electrical forklifts for sale in this range has PIN-based access control, reducing the risk of an untrained person using the forklift.

Good Weight Control with A Single Lever

An optional feature on these electrical forklifts is the single control lever. It makes it possible to more conveniently perform lift and tilt operations for maximum productivity.

Download the BX Series of UniCarriers electrical forklifts for sale from Bidvest Materials Handling or give us a call to help you choose the units that meet your operation and environment requirements.


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