Electrical Forklifts for Sale

June 20, 2016 irenee@bidvestforklifts.co.za

Electrical Forklifts for Sale

The Pros and Cons of Electrical Forklifts for Sale

If you’re looking for a greener way in which to lift and carry heavy objects in the warehouse or retail environment, electrical forklifts for sale are the answer. When compared to fuel operated forklifts, electrical units are considered far more environmentally friendly. While electric forklifts offer slightly less capacity than fuel powered units, they are compact in design and the perfect heavy lifting tool for the indoor environment.

It’s important to know what you’re getting yourself into when you buy new equipment and that’s why we would like to take a close look at the pros and cons of buying an electrical forklift. Let’s take a look:

Pros of Electric Forklifts

  • Electric forklifts produce no emissions. In the indoor environment, it is not suitable to use fuel powered forklifts that will create pollution and put employees’ heath at risk. The exhaust fumes of internal combustion engines (fuel operated forklifts) can actually be toxic. Of course, that’s not the only reason why not having to refuel is beneficial. The fact that no fuel storage is required is a big plus too.
  • You can expect your electric forklift to offer you an extended lifespan and require less in terms of maintenance efforts. This is a result of electric forklifts having fewer moving parts than fuel forklifts.
  • The cost to operate an electrical forklift is substantially less than fuel operated forklifts. You will find that it costs less per hour to operate an electric forklift than a fuel forklift. Of course, this depends on how much electricity costs in your area and how often you use the unit.
  • Noise pollution is kept to an absolute minimum when using an electric forklift. This is also vitally important when working indoors. With quiet operation, your forklifts won’t interfere with your team’s communication efforts.

Potential Cons of Electric Forklifts

  • Electric forklifts cost slightly less upfront than a fuel forklift will.
  • You will need to plan your day and operation with care as the battery of your forklift will need to recharge after each 8-hour shift. After a 6- to 8-hour shift of use, you will need to recharge the battery for around 8 to 16 hours, depending on the machine and model. Fast charge batteries are an option. One way to avoid unnecessary downtime is not necessarily to invest in a second forklift, but to invest in a backup battery, so that you can switch them between each use.

The single most important thing you need to do when shopping around for a forklift is choose the right one for your business and its needs. Selecting the right forklift model is essential to the smooth running of your business. The forklift you choose will affect your business in many ways, from the operation costs to productivity levels and how your staff members feel about their jobs. The more convenient you make the task for your staff members, the more prone they will be to putting in their best efforts. It’s important to understand that the handling capacity of the forklift will determine what sort of tasks it is best suited to.

There are several factors to take into account when browsing through all the forklifts for sale on the market. These include:

  • The environment the forklift will be used in. For instance, electrical forklifts for sale are best suited for indoor use and not outdoor use. Take into account what sort of terrain or conditions the forklift will have to work with, and also how many hours a day it will be in constant operation.
  • Load size and capacity. It would be a serious problem if you spent a great deal of money on a forklift that has an operating capacity that is less than your requirements. Make sure that you know what sort of heavy lifting you need the unit to handle.
  • Ergonomic requirements. Understand that your forklift operators will probably be behind the wheel for many hours a day. It’s important to choose a unit that has ergonomically designed seating and control placement for the convenience, comfort and health of your operators.

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