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Energy-Efficient Electric Forklifts South Africa

Energy-Efficient Electric Forklifts for Warehouses in South Africa

We are a proud supplier of the UniCarriers brand in South Africa. The brand is synonymous with quality, durability, efficiency, and safety. If you are thus looking for a brand that is respected internationally but also available in South Africa, you are at the right place to find forklifts for your particular operational needs. We briefly introduce the UniCarriers FB Series of forklifts available in South Africa, giving you an indication of the functionality, efficiency, and performance you can expect from the brand’s equipment.

FB Series of Forklifts – 1-3,5 Tons

These electric forklift trucks with pneumatic tyres are energy-efficient and feature environmentally friendly designs. These units are made for the demands of modern warehouse operations. With superb controllability and several safety features, the machines make for valuable additions to your warehouse’s lift-equipment fleet.

Environmentally Friendliness

More and more companies focus on the sustainability of their operations. UniCarriers recognises the importance of lowering their environmental footprint and with that in mind, they have designed these counterbalanced lift trucks to be particularly eco-friendly. The units consume less energy and operate for longer periods before charging is required. Of course, this also improves productivity in the warehouse setup and, with fewer battery charges needed, the environmental impact of your operations is significantly reduced.

Superb Controllability and Exceptional Operator Comfort

The forklifts feature ergonomically designed, comfortable, and safe driver compartments. They are designed to be compact, helping with manoeuvrability and so reducing strain. Since operators must get on and off the units regularly, the trucks feature wider footstep plates set at lower heights for easily entering and exiting the vehicles. This also helps to improve the units’ safety profile. The operator seat has side supports for improved safety and comes with an angle-adjustable backrest to cater to the physical features of the operator. The steering wheel has a tilt feature to cater to the operator’s preferences and improve steering comfort whilst reducing fatigue. The turn signal and light switch are integrated, enabling easier operation. The self-cancelling signal switches off when the steering wheel returns to the straight-ahead position. The rear lights are located on the operator guard for maximum visibility and thus improved operational safety in the warehouse.

The forklifts in this series come with speed limiters that take into account the steering angle. With occupational safety high on the agenda of warehouse managers in South Africa, this is a very useful feature. The speed is automatically reduced according to the steering wheel angle, ensuring safe turning. Add to this the speed-sensitive steering feature and it becomes clear why these machines are known for such safe operation in the warehouse environment. The units come with wide-view mast systems, helping to improve visibility of the fork tips and thus reducing accidents related to incorrect positioning of forks when lifting pallets.

Easy Operation in Narrow Aisles

To optimise space usage, many warehouses add more shelves, leading to narrower aisles. This poses a problem in terms of safe, fast, and efficient material handling. However, with the compact designs of these forklifts, the units can be used in warehouses featuring exceptionally narrow aisles. This makes it possible to deploy the units in warehouses of all different sizes and layouts in South Africa. The minimum turning radius of these units is as small as 1800 mm, making them suitable for operation in the narrowest of aisles.

Easy Access for Maintenance

The battery compartment opens completely and comes with a damper. This allows for quick access for maintenance. Easy servicing is further supported through the layout of the drive and hydraulic motor controllers. These units feature good dust and water-resistance as well.

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