August 24, 2018

Energy-Efficient Electric Forklifts

Energy-Efficient Electric Forklifts for Sale for Your Warehouse Operations

If you are looking for electric forklifts for sale that can provide about eight hours of operation before recharging is necessary, you will love the UniCarriers TX Series of 1,25-2-ton, 3-wheeled forklifts. The 3-wheeled design makes it possible for the electric forklifts for sale in this series to turn in small spaces. If you thus have a warehouse setup with narrow aisles, these forklifts are for you.

The TX Series of electric forklifts that we offer for sale are designed for optimal performance, maximum operator control, energy-efficiency, and convenient operation with fingertip control levers. Various functions can be controlled using the control lever. This also helps reduce operator fatigue and ensures higher productivity, fewer mistakes, and safer operation.

The operator can select the performance mode to suit the job and work environment. With maximum uptime being crucial to ensure higher levels of productivity in the warehouse, you will appreciate its long battery life and low maintenance. Each unit comes with on-board diagnostics, enabling the system to conduct self-checks. This makes it possible for the operator to quickly identify problems and helps to reduce maintenance time.

These electric forklifts we have for sale also have energy-usage monitors. These monitors enable the operators to see how much energy has been used, what is left, and how much energy is used per job. Power consumption can thus be managed to ensure that the machine operates for the full shift before its battery needs recharging. The auto power cut-off furthermore helps to eliminate power wastage. If the machine is not in use for a specific time, it automatically shuts off. This helps to extend the battery life and reduces the risk of accidental operation.

The TX Series of 3-wheeled electric forklifts for sale is one of many ranges available from us. View our full product offering and call us for more information about the TX Series and other forklift ranges.


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