August 22, 2019

Everything You Need to Know to Rent A Forklift

It is essential to determine all your operational requirements before you rent a forklift, as you need the machine to be the right one for your needs. First, let us consider why you would want to rent a forklift in the first place. If you cannot afford the upfront price of a refurbished or new unit, you can consider a lease, as it is a monthly tax-deductible expense.

It is also a good option if you only want to use the machine for a once-off project or at short intervals rather than on a daily basis and for extensive operations. You can, furthermore, rent a forklift as a temporary replacement for another unit or to add more machine power to your fleet during a busy period of the year. Of course, it can also be a good idea to rent a forklift for a short period to determine whether it is worth your while to buy one for full-time use.

What Must You Consider Before Renting

Once you have decided why you need the machine, it is time to consider all your operational needs. Below are some of those considerations:

  • Weight and Height Requirements. Each type and model has a specific weight limit. Determine the maximum weight to be lifted and the height to which the machine must lift it. A unit that cannot handle the weight is a waste of money. It is also dangerous, as overloading is only going to put the operator and nearby workers at risk. Measure the average height for a lift as well as the maximum height required. You need a unit that can lift the particular weight to the maximum height with ease. Choosing a machine that is made to lift higher than you need means you pay more for an ability that you will never use. If it cannot reach the required height, then it is useless for your operations as well.
  • Indoor or Outdoor? Where do you intend to use the machine? If it is going to be used outside, you need a machine with pneumatic tyres and the ability to handle rough surfaces. In this instance, rather go with a diesel or petrol type, depending on the performance required. If it is to be used indoors on a smooth surface, it is best to use an electric type that can operate in narrow aisles and does not emit any harmful emissions. It is also quiet, whereas the fuel-powered ones are too noisy for indoor use. You want a unit that is compact in design for indoor use. Keep height restrictions in mind, whether you plan to use the machine indoors or outdoors.
  • Type of Material to Lift. Determine the size and shape of the cargo to be lifted. Do you need the machine to lift boxes, awkwardly shaped items, pipes, crates, or pallets? For pipes, you need a unit that can accept a special attachment to lift pipes.
  • Should You Rent Or Buy A Forklift? As explained earlier, there are times when renting is better than buying. It does offer several advantages; for example, you do not need to make a large upfront capital investment. Even if financing is available, you may want to rent simply because the agreement includes servicing and maintenance. You may want to switch between truck types during the year for different operations. Or you may want to avoid the cost of ownership associated with the purchase of the truck.

Where to Rent A Forklift

Next, consider the service provider’s fleet, rates, history, and credibility. You will find that we tick all the right boxes. We have an extensive portfolio of well-maintained units for indoor and outdoor use. In addition, we have a state-of-the-art workshop and offer service agreements.


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