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Extensive Range of Warehouse Lifting Equipment to Meet Your Operational Needs

Extensive Range of Warehouse Lifting Equipment to Meet Your Operational Needs

 If you are looking for warehouse lifting equipment for sale, you probably already know what type of equipment you need. If not, consider the stacking height, depth of shelves, available turning space, work environment, and hours of operation per day when browsing for warehouse lifting equipment for sale. We have an extensive range of high-quality warehouse lifting equipment for sale. You can purchase the units you need for optimal performance, safety, and lowest cost of ownership. To give you an idea of what you can expect, we look at some of our warehouse lifting equipment for sale.

 Reach Trucks

 We offer reach trucks from 1,2- to 2,5-tonne capacity, with lifting heights up to 12,1 m. They are designed for safety and have options like drive-in racking and rail guidance. In addition, we have the FRSB Series of trucks for sale with loading capacity of 1,4 to 2,5 tonnes. These trucks have sophisticated design features such as load meters, suspension seating, and auto power-off. They are exceptionally efficient and have various eco-friendly design features.

 Order Pickers

 Our range of low-level order pickers boasts excellent acceleration, soft braking, and high speeds. With features such as ergonomic tiller arms, power steering, and friction-force design for good traction, the units are made for fast and efficient operation. These pickers have computers for on-board diagnostics to ensure maximum uptime. The PPL has a fixed platform and the PPD a rising one.

We also offer first- and second-level picking equipment for sale. In this range, we offer the PPF and PPC order pickers. These units are made to ensure maximum productivity, with features such as powerful motors for fast acceleration, fast lifting and lowering abilities, and travel speeds of up to 12 km/h. The optional Stability Support System offers maximising efficiency. The units have PIN access, restricting usage to authorised personnel. We also have multi-level order picking trucks; they can be tailored according to the client’s material-handling needs.

 Pallet Trucks

 Our robust and high-performance pallet trucks are made for maximum productivity. They are designed to operate in various environments, whether on the shop floor or a heavy-duty industrial setting. We offer low-lifting pallet trucks, which are designed for long hours of operation and low cost of ownership.

View our full range of warehouse lifting equipment for sale and download the brochures for more information on each type to determine which truck to choose for your requirements.


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