September 26, 2017

Extremely Safe Sit-On Reach Trucks for Sale

Extremely Safe Sit-On Reach Trucks for Sale in the FRSB Series of UniCarriers

 If you are looking for the best quality reach trucks currently available for sale, you will appreciate the UniCarriers FRSB Series sit-on reach trucks for sale through Bidvest Forklifts. The reach trucks offered for sale in this range are superb value for money, because the units are economical, exceptionally safe, and have added operator comfort features to minimise fatigue. Electrically powered, these reach trucks have load capacity of 1,4 to 2,5 t and can operate for long hours on a single battery charge. With an extensive range of sophisticated features, such as auto power-off, a load meter, and a suspension seat for the operator, the reach trucks in this series are amongst the best on sale today. Any accidents in the warehouse environment cost the company money in terms of compensation, equipment repairs, product replacement, hours lost, and clean-up, as well as incident investigations. It is therefore paramount to consider safety features when browsing the reach trucks for sale in your price class. The units in this series will not disappoint.

Each truck has a password entry system, which prevents unauthorised operation. It is not possible to start the truck without the correct password. With the password system, every authorised operator’s settings are stored. However, if you prefer operation without a password, you can select not to have the system installed. Each reach truck that we offer for sale in this range comes with a travel and load interlock system. With it in place, should the operator leave the seat during operation, all the travel controls are immediately locked and a buzzer draws attention to the situation. This is an important feature to prevent accidents related to the driver unintentionally pressing controls or not sitting correctly in the operator seat.

Overloading is not only dangerous in terms of possible load falling, or tipping over of the truck, it affects the reach truck’s longevity. An overloaded truck is difficult to handle and it can cause serious accidents. As such, the reach trucks in this series come with overload protection. While the truck is stationary and the hydraulic system not engaged, the display panel shows the estimated load weight on the forks. This helps the operator to identify an overload condition and thus reduces the risk of operation with inappropriately heavy loads. The sit-on reach trucks for sale from us are also equipped with wheel angle indicators, which show the direction in which the wheel will turn. This helps the operator determine the direction of movement and thus helps to prevent accidents due to inappropriate steering inputs.

Unless the foot switch is pressed, the truck will not move. It helps to prevent movement of the truck without an operator or unintentional movement of the truck, since the operator must keep their left foot on the switch during operation. If they remove it, the truck comes to a standstill. The feature is especially important when the truck has to operate in a confined space where even the slightest error can cause an accident or injury. Each truck is fitted with a speed limiter to prevent spilling of loads. As soon as the forks of the truck are raised to maximum height with the relevant load, automatic detection of the load and height is made and the appropriate speed limit is applied. The unit is furthermore fitted with speed-sensitive power steering, which controls the drive wheel angle according to the travelling speed, enabling improved steering control and stability.

Smooth operation and acceleration is made possible with the AC control of the drive motor. The feature enables detection of any loss of grip in start or acceleration modes. With it also comes the advantage of slip prevention, even if the surface is particularly wet. Each one of the reach trucks for sale in this series is fitted with a side shifter for movement of the forks and load backrest, whether left or right, for optimal alignment with the pallet openings. This helps to improve operation efficiency, while also helping to reduce the risk of accidents related to incorrect lifting of pallets.

Download the brochure for more information on the reach trucks for sale by Bidvest Forklifts in the UniCarriers FRSB Series, or call us to help you select the best reach truck for your particular application requirements.


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