December 12, 2018

Factors to Consider Before You Buy A Forklift

Factors to Consider Before You Buy A Forklift

You want the right equipment for the job, but even if you select equipment ideal for your operations, where will you buy that forklift? Here are a few considerations in selecting the forklift dealer. It is essential to buy a forklift from a trusted supplier of warehouse and other lifting equipment.

The Relationship with The Forklift Dealer

Unless you buy a forklift cash and know that the supplier can service it, you must consider the supplier’s reputation. Is it a local supplier with an international footprint? What is the supplier’s history? Do they sell a well-known brand? Which brands do they offer? If you finance the forklift, the answers to these questions become even more important. Leasing a forklift means having to deal with the supplier on a regular basis. Financing it also means a long-term relationship. You must be happy with the service, professionalism, stock, range of products, parts, workshop, and available brands when choosing the supplier.

Where The Supplier Is Located

Do not be tempted to save money by importing a forklift from a supplier in an obscure country. You still need to pay import duties and risk getting a substandard product. What about warranties, and how does servicing work? Buy from a local supplier that can provide parts and service-level agreements – and warranties that they will honour.

What The Dealer Should Offer

Buy a forklift from a dealer with a proven track record of service excellence; a dealer that offers an extensive range of forklifts and warehouse equipment. The supplier must have experienced and properly qualified technicians to service the equipment. You also want the assurance that high-quality, genuine parts are available or can be obtained quickly. The supplier must offer maintenance plans to ensure the forklift that you buy can be kept in tip-top condition. Also, consider the level of experience of the supplier’s management and sales consultants. When you review our history, services, range, and offerings, you will agree that we meet and exceed all these requirements for a supplier.

Important Purchase Considerations

Next, how do you buy the right forklift for your operations? Let us provide you with a few tips to ensure you buy a forklift that is ideal for your company.

Operational Environment

Where do you intend to use the forklift? Indoors, outdoors or both? If it is for a warehouse, what is the aisle width and turning space? Buy a forklift that will work in its intended environment. For indoor usage, we recommend our electric forklifts and warehouse equipment. Units suited for warehouse operations have tight turning radii and can operate in narrow spaces. For indoor usage, you can opt for an open-cabin forklift, but if you buy a forklift for outdoor applications, it is better to opt for one that offers protection against the elements. The open cabin is useful in the warehouse environment as it provides for maximum visibility.

Work Surface

The forklift you buy must be able to work on the particular type of surface. If the surface is smooth, you do not need pneumatic tyres. If the forklift is for outdoor use, you want a unit with tyres suitable for uneven surfaces.

Load Requirements

What type of load must be lifted and how regularly must the machine lift such a load, and to what height? Buy a forklift that can lift the particular load with ease to the height required – and at a reasonable speed.

You now know where to buy a forklift and what to consider when selecting it. The next step is to browse our range and to call our consultants to help you make a selection that is right for your needs.


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