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Forklift Sales 2017

Features that Will Drive Forklift Sales in 2017

Forklift sales in 2017 should be expected to grow as more and more warehouses are opened to cater to the changing economy that focusses on imported consumer goods. Two of the forklifts that will no doubt feature strongly in the 2017 forklift sales period are briefly introduced below.

1F Series Unicarriers (1,5- to 2,5-tonne Diesel Forklifts)

The Unicarriers 1F Series is known for reliability, excellent capacity (and thus improved productivity), lower maintenance and repair costs associated with ownership over the lifetime of the forklift, and environmental friendliness. The main objectives behind the design and manufacturing of forklifts in this series are to ensure environmental friendliness, operator safety, and to meet of the owner’s requirements. In line with the general trend in forklift sales for 2017, these trucks can be expected to be popular because of their low emissions and superior quality technology that ensure excellent reliability.

The forklifts in the 1F series are designed for comfortable operation and lower emissions in the interest of operator comfort and safety. Add to this the low noise emission and you can already see how the design also meets the requirements of the owner regarding work environment requirements. With the lower noise emission, operator fatigue is reduced, ensuring higher productivity, an improved work environment, and safety. The units have QD32 diesel engines or liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) engines and feature unique swaying control systems that aid in stability and control when turning. Such safety features are important in 2017, as more focus is placed on safer work environments.

With low-vibration designs, the operators will certainly enjoy more comfortable work conditions. It is the combination of the vehicle-style floating drivetrain and the sturdy frame system that helps to reduce vibrations so effectively. The units are designed for low centre of gravity. This is important for increased stability when turning, lifting, and moving around. With the addition of double tyres, the stability can be improved to ensure safe operation even in difficult operating situations. Fitted with multifunctional LCD display meters in addition to suspension seats and a large operator space, forklifts in this series can be expected to be amongst the popular choices in 2017.

BX Series of Electric Forklifts

The 4-wheel electric forklifts in the Unicarriers BX Series are also environmentally friendly, exceptionally economical, perfect for warehouse applications, and very manoeuvrable as well. The 2017 forklift sales season will certainly prominently feature the BX Series. Embedding the latest technologies, the units have the benefit of being able to operate for many hours on end. Another feature not to be overlooked is the higher speed capacity, which certainly helps when it comes to maximising your productivity and efficiency.

Environmentally friendliness, economical operation, productivity, and operator safety are among the main focus points in the design of all the forklifts in the BX series. Each unit is fitted with advanced AC controllers that feature unique connectors for effective protection against water and dust ingress. In addition, the highly accurate microprocessor control ensures faster accelerative ability that in turn is very useful for travelling over the longer sections in the warehouse, while the precision control ensures a more finely controllable and therefore smoother slowdown towards the loading destination.

Low-speed control is excellent due to the improved accelerator pedal action that ensures maximum control over the unit’s speed when having to perform inching movements. Four performance modes are available for travelling and lifting accuracy and performance. The operator can manually adjust the lifting and travelling, or the unit can operate in preset economy, power, or high-power mode. The economy mode is well-suited to longer operating times whilst the power mode is for standard operation. The high-power mode is intended for maximum performance capabilities.

Operation capacity on inclines has been improved with advanced regenerative performance. This helps to ensure easy and smooth restarting on the operating incline. With the LCD monitor displaying the load weight, the operator can immediately identify when a load is too heavy. The lifted load weight is displayed for a few seconds and can be adjusted to meet customer requirements. Other important features include the wide foot space, the foot brake for improved control and safety, and the soft-landing system for the fork before it reaches the operating surface.

You can thus expect superior quality forklifts to be offered in 2017 and sales of these and and their equally advanced siblings can be expected to be very good indeed.


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