September 27, 2016

Forklift Sales and Forklifts For Sale

What You Need to Consider When Comparing Forklifts for Sale

When it comes to forklift sales or finding forklifts for sale, the many options available can seem a little overwhelming. At Bidvest Forklifts, we understand that it can be tough to select the right forklift for you, especially when there are so many fine options available in our range. If you want to avoid making a forklift choice faux pas, make sure that you understand what your material handling needs are, even before you start shopping around. Here are some of the details and information that you should have on hand when comparing the various forklifts for sale:

• Details on the environment in which the forklift will need to work. Believe it or not, not every forklift is designed for operating over rough or uneven surfaces. These machines are fairly specialised according to function, so it is always important to know whether the floor surface is rough or smooth and whether it is an indoor or outdoor surface.
• How many hours the machine is used for and the ergonomics involved. Let’s face it, nobody can get away with sitting in any sort of fixed position all day long, every day, and not develop any aches and pains. Unless of course, you opt for ergonomically designed equipment. Make sure that your forklift is kind to your operator in terms of seating comfort. It will boost productivity and make the machine easier to handle. Our forklifts for sale are the very epitome of ergonomics.
• Gather information on your maximum load capacity requirements. Buying a forklift that has a load capacity that is below your requirements will not just prove inefficient to your business, but it could also result in costly damage to the equipment and even injuries to operators. Things to consider include the heaviest load you need to lift and the maximum dimensions (width is particularly important) of goods that you typically work with.
• Measure how high you need to lift goods and materials. It is of no use for you to invest in a forklift that has exceptional load capacity, but is limited in terms of how high it can lift goods. Make sure you choose a forklift that can lift to the correct height.
• What type of fuel would you like to use with your forklift? Keep in mind that electric forklifts are best for indoor environments, because they do not emit the fumes produced by petrol and diesel units. Make sure you know how economical the unit is on fuel (or power) too. The last thing you want is to buy an affordable forklift and then be stuck with prohibitively fuel expenses.
• How hardy do your tyres have to be? Many people shopping for forklifts do not give the tyres much thought, but they are actually quite an important component of the unit. The tyres that you choose will have a direct bearing on your forklift’s handling ability and of course, on safety. You will find a variety of tyres to choose form on the market including solid, pneumatic, cushioned and non-marking tyres.
• Is new or used the best option for you? We strongly believe that new forklifts are great, but so are good second-hand units, if you buy them from a reputable dealer and they have been well taken care of. Buying a new forklift will eliminate the stress of worrying about its history, but a second-hand forklift can save on the initial outlay of capital and provide many years of good service too. In short, both options can and are viable for your business. What it really comes down to is your available budget.

Not all forklifts are made equal, so it is best to examine their specifications before making a purchase. At Bidvest Forklifts, we have an extensive range of forklifts for sale and we make sure that our consultants are always available to provide further advice and guidance along the way. We offer-engine driven forklifts, electrical forklifts and forklifts specifically designed for warehouse material handling functions.

It is our aim to keep you going and we hope to do so by offering you some of the finest forklifts for sale on the South African market. For more information and advice, we welcome you to get in touch with our team via email or telephone today.


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