March 26, 2019

Forklift Sales and Rentals

What You Need to Know Before Making Use of Our Forklift Sales and Rentals

Before you make use of our services in terms of forklift truck sales and rentals, you need to determine your operational and equipment needs. The consultants that handle our forklift sales and rentals are here to assist you to choose equipment to meet your exact needs. However, to get the best value from our services in terms of forklift sales and rentals, it is best to get a basic idea of what you need. Answer the following questions:Forklift Sales and Rentals

  • What type of load must the machine handle?
  • How many loads per day?
  • What is the maximum load weight?
  • What is the typical load weight?
  • Indoor or outdoor use?
  • How much space is available to turn?
  • What distances must it travel?
  • How many hours must it operate at a time?
  • What is the maximum load width?
  • What is the average load width?
  • What is the maximum lift height?
  • What is the typical lift height?
  • Are there any overhead obstacles such as lights or beams?
  • Does the truck need to move underneath structures such as docking doors?
  • If so, what is the height of these structures?
  • What is the width of the aisles where it must operate?
  • Smooth, slightly uneven or outdoor surfaces?
  • Type of load?

Armed with the answers to these questions, the consultants in our forklift truck rentals and sales department are in a better position to determine your needs. The answers determine whether it will be better to get fuel-powered units with pneumatic tyres or electric units with cushion tyres. The answers are also important for you to choose the correct forklift attachments to do the job at hand. Our sales consultants also use the information to determine how many units you require or what combination of units will be best for your operational requirements. We offer forklift sales and rentals that include everything from pallet stackers to reach trucks. A brief discussion of the various types of forklifts on the market can help you to understand why answering the above questions first is essential to ensure you get the right equipment for the job.

The hand pallet or lift truck has wheels located under the fork and uses a hydraulic jack for lifting and moving the pallets. The electric pallet jack is motorised and thus provides for faster operation. A manual stacker is a unit designed specifically for operation by hand and cannot lift as high as electric stackers. However, these are fine for low shelves and smaller loads of one to five per day. The walk-behind pallet stacker is basically a forklift with a mast, operating on battery power. It has a counterweight and can lift loads relatively high. The order picker is a type of forklift that is made for fast and efficient stock picking.

The counterbalanced, fuel-driven forklift is suited for outdoor use. It normally has either pneumatic or solid tyres. It is suitable for dockyards and operation on uneven surfaces. This type of forklift cannot be used for indoor applications. The electric, 3-wheeled, counterbalanced forklift is ideal for smaller indoor spaces, whilst the 4-wheeled type can handle heavier loads for jobs such as lifting tools or machinery, or perhaps moving loads in hardware retail or warehouse environments. The reach truck is suited to warehouse operations where the aisles are narrow. The articulated forklift is suited to narrow aisles and the loading or offloading of trucks. Finally, the rough-terrain truck has a variable reach and is suitable for operation in an outdoor environment.

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