Forklift Services Cape Town

March 26, 2019

Forklift Services Cape Town

What to Consider Before Making Use of Our Forklift Sale/Hire Services in Cape Town

If you run a fresh-fruit warehouse or any other seasonal-product distribution centre, you know that certain times of the year are busier than others. Your usual number of forklifts may not always be enough to keep the crates flowing in and out at the required rate. It is during such periods that you can benefit from making use of our forklift hire services in Cape Town. You can either rent for short periods or lease long-term, but you cannot afford to let operations slow down because of not having enough forklifts available. Our forklift services in Cape Town are comprehensive and include:

As part of our services, our competent sales consultants in Cape Town can help you select the correct forklifts to hire, lease, or buy for your warehouse operations. To make it easier for us to help you choose the right equipment for your needs, decide what you need by considering the factors below.

What The Application Is

You may provide stacking services to Cape Town warehouses or perhaps your services are geared towards cement-production plants. It may be for your own warehouse and you need machines to lift several crates per day, or ones that can move pallets from one part of the stockyard to another. Perhaps you just need forklifts to load or offload at the docking bays. It is thus essential to consider the applications of the machines to ensure you get equipment that can do the job.

Load Capacity

The biggest mistake to avoid when making use of our forklift sale/hire services in Cape Town is to choose a truck based on budget rather than load requirements. The maximum load capacity must be determined first. To this end, note the stock that it must handle, the average load size, the average load weight, the heaviest load, and the width of the biggest load. Note the type of load too, since the attachments to the forklift must be appropriate for the load in question.

Lifting Height Required

What is the maximum height that the machine must be able to reach, fully loaded with the maximum load size? If you do not know the lift height needed, you will not be able to choose the right machine, as the lift height also affects the machine’s load-bearing capacity. The lift height depends on the environment in which it is used. Consider the average lift height needed, the highest point that must be reached, and any overhead obstructions such as lights or beams. If the machine must fit underneath a structure such as the dock door, it is essential to consider the collapsed height of the forklift. Measure the workspace height and width to get to an answer.

Indoors or Outdoors

This is extremely important, since fuel-driven forklifts are intended for outdoor use. These units are stronger and more robust than electric ones. However, they have bigger turning circles, are noisy, and are often too big to move between aisles. In addition, fuel-driven units cannot be used indoors because they emit hazardous gases that have a negative effect on produce and people. Electric units are well suited for indoor spaces because they are quiet, have no emissions, and are smaller. Such units, however, cannot carry the loads many petrol- or diesel-powered ones can. Electric units are built for smooth surfaces and have smaller wheels.

Once you have determined exactly what your needs are, get in touch to make use of our forklift sale services, whether for leasing, buying, or hiring/renting units in Cape Town or surrounding areas.


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