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Forklifts for Sale Gauteng

Powerful and Eco-Friendly Engine-Driven Forklifts for Sale in Gauteng

Looking for high-quality petrol- or diesel-driven forklifts for sale in Gauteng? Then consider the 1,5- to 3,5-tonne engine-driven UniCarriers 1F forklifts for sale through Bidvest Forklifts in South Africa. UniCarriers really broke the mould when they designed the 1F series. They left nothing to chance and their experience in years of designing and manufacturing high-quality forklifts is evident in the 1F series. You can expect amazing productivity, lower cost of ownership through the forklift’s entire lifespan, and reliability that few other forklifts can match.

They had three main objectives in the design of the 1F series of forklifts, which were meeting environmental requirements, the needs of the operator, and the requirements of the owner. They accomplished their design objectives by installing powerful engines, which are characterised by low emissions, the provision of a choice drivetrains, and embracing the usage of relevant technologies for driver comfort, as well as ensuring low maintenance.

Environmental Objective

Two things stand out in reaching their environmental objective, low emission and low noise. With low emissions, the 1F series reduces impact on the environment and ensures a healthier work environment. And with low noise emission, the comfort of operators and workers in the vicinity improves. The low noise level reduces driver fatigue and improves worker safety, as the operator is able to hear what is going on around them.

Operator Objective

The operator spends many hours driving the forklift. As such, it is essential to reduce driver fatigue by improving the comfort of the operator. The objective is reached with the inclusion of a sway-control system, which provides the driver with more control and a safer work environment, as stability is ensured while turning the truck. This is just one of the many safety features that help to ensure the comfort and safety of the operator. The design of the forklift enables low-noise operation and with it also low vibration. With the distractions removed, the operator can focus on the specific task and experiences less fatigue.

The forklifts in the 1F series have been designed for a low centre of gravity, which helps to improve operational stability that can be enhanced further with double tyres if the operator must work on a challenging job site. The addition of a floating powertrain, together with a sturdy frame and chassis, is the secret behind the low vibration level. With a lower level of vibration experienced, the operator does not become tired so easily, which helps to improve productivity and safe operation. In addition, with lower fatigue, the driver can operate the forklift for longer. Longer hours of operation mean more work done in a day and it thus helps to increase the capacity of loading, packing or shelving in a 24-hour period.

The LCD display is large enough for easy visibility of the forklift’s operational status and with PIN access, unauthorised operation is prevented. This helps to eliminate the risk of unauthorised usage by inexperienced or novice workers. The LCD display also alerts the operator when the forklift must be serviced, which helps to ensure timely servicing and thus reduced maintenance costs. It also includes a speedometer, which provides clear indication of the speed when it travels faster than 4 km/h.

Owner Objective

The true cost of ownership should be a priority when shopping among the forklifts for sale in Gauteng. With the UniCarriers 1F series forklifts, the owner benefits from low maintenance costs, fuel efficiency, and high performance. With their small turning circle, easy-to-operate controls, an LCD display, and driver comfort being features to consider when comparing prices, the forklifts in this series come out tops. The forklifts come with self-diagnosis systems, which make maintenance easier and less time-consuming, so the downtime is minimised, ensuring higher productivity, translating into cost savings and improved profits.

In Summary

If you are looking for powerful forklifts with lower environmental impact and improved operator safety, the 1F series forklifts for sale in Gauteng through Bidvest Forklifts should be your first choice. With features such as multi-functional LCD display, a comfortable and spacious operator compartment, optimal comfort thanks to the suspension and seat design, and ergonomic control layout, in addition to superior handling, the forklifts in the 1F series are the new operator-friendly workhorses in the industry.


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