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Forklifts Gauteng

High-Performance, Safe Engine-Driven Forklifts in Gauteng Available from Bidvest Materials Handling
As a trusted supplier of forklifts in Gauteng, we offer our clients a range of electric and engine-driven forklifts from the UniCarriers brand. To give you an indication of the quality and functionality you can expect when buying one of the UniCarriers forklifts for your operations in Gauteng or elsewhere in South Africa, we briefly introduce the 1F5 Series 3,5-5-tonne diesel forklifts from the brand. The 1F5 Series consists of machines that include features such as an automatic 2-speed transmission and low-vibration 6-cylinder engine. The machines are built for operator safety and comfort, in addition to superior performance.

Superb Manoeuvrability

These forklifts, also available in Gauteng, have lift speeds of 540 mm/s under load. In fact, this is the fastest lift speed in this forklift class. The forks lower at 550 mm/s when unloaded, ensuring faster operation and thus the ability to handle more loads per hour. All the forklifts in this series boast automatic transmission. The 2-speed system enables automatic selection of the right forward gear, eliminating the need for manual gear changes. This also makes starting and setting off easier and smoother. Whether you use these forklifts in container yards or at worksites in Gauteng, you will be impressed with their load-handling capacity and manoeuvrability. The operator can choose the appropriate automatic transmission pattern according to worksite conditions. This is as easy as flicking a switch. Each unit comes with three modes: Normal, Gradient, and High-Speed.

Operator Comfort for Maximum Productivity and Safety

The 1F5 Series forklifts feature low-vibration and low-maintenance engines with the option of a single control lever. The single lever makes it possible to lift and tilt at the same time. Double-lever operation is available if you prefer it. The engines have a power output of 64,7 kW and 284 N.m of torque. They are environmentally friendly, which is evident in their compliance with Tier 2 requirements. The engines feature pre-chamber combustion systems for cleaner exhaust emissions and more power. The diesel forklifts in this range have auto-glow systems; the engine is automatically preheated when the glow indicator comes on. Once the engine pre-heat is completed, the indicator switches off. This informs the operator that the forklift is ready to operate. The forklifts also come with electric shift-lever control for easier selection of reverse or forward, using only one touch. The signal lever has a built-in turn signal for optimal convenience. With a wide entrance to the operator seat, safety is put first. Easier boarding and alighting reduce the risk of injuries. The tilt cylinders are also covered for safety and the foot area is spacious for optimal operator comfort.

Safety Is the First Priority

The units feature a wide mast and lift chain spacing for optimal forward visibility. This improves operational safety and productivity. They have a safety mechanism that prevents accidental starting if the transmission is not in the neutral position. This helps to virtually eliminate unintended movement. Each unit comes with high-mounted lights for optimal visibility, with stop lamps on the top part of the guard to help nearby workers and vehicle operators see when the truck is stopping. The operator has a safety seat with reclining functions and side supports. The high sides and back help to provide adequate balance and body support. Each unit is fitted with emergency locking and retracting seatbelts as well. The engine hood is fitted with an automatically locked damper for safely and easily opening and closing. The stopper system prevents it unexpectedly closing.

The 1F5 Series of engine-driven forklifts is only one of the many ranges of UniCarriers forklifts available from us in Gauteng. View our full portfolio and get in touch to discuss your forklift and warehouse equipment needs.


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