November 7, 2016

Forklifts Gauteng

Forklifts for Sale and for Rent in Gauteng

Let’s face it, Gauteng is a hub of activity for many businesses. Supply chain and logistics businesses can be found at every turn and, predictably, many companies handle their own warehousing in-house.

If you are involved in the sort of industry that deals with holding a lot of stock, or the movement and distribution of stock, you will know the true value of having the right type of equipment available to simplify tasks and speed up the process. Forklifts are valued in many industries for their lifting and carrying abilities.

What’s more, these units are able to do their lifting and carrying without taking up too much space. Because of the compact design, and because of the weight and size of products and parcels that the unit will often have to carry, it must be properly loaded, balanced and operated if you want to avoid injury to operators and other staff as well as avoid damage to stock items and property.

If you are shopping around for forklifts in Gauteng in order to streamline your inventory and warehousing tasks, there are a few things that you must keep in mind first. First and foremost, you should not be buying a forklift if you are not licensed to operate one, or if you do not have licensed employees. If any accidents, injuries, or deaths occur on your premises due to unlicensed operators driving your forklift, you could be faced with serious legal and financial consequences.

Another thing to consider is the type of forklift that you use. It might be tempting to purchase a smaller forklift than required because of the price difference, but this is certainly not advised. If the demand on the forklift exceeds its handling capacity, accidents will happen. That’s not all though. Overloading your forklifts can also result in increased wear and tear and dire damage to the machine.

This can end up costing you much more, outweighing the advantage of the lower purchase price. Make sure that you know what sort of load weights you will be working with and what heights you need the unit to lift to, before you start shopping around. It will save time and potential disappointment.

It is also important to know what the budget is. If you want top-of-the-range-units, but cannot pay for them, you can cut back on costs and get the newer forklift models by opting to buy second-hand. Second-hand forklifts can still offer you many years of service as long as they are certified as mechanically and electrically sound and if you have a detailed history of its servicing and maintenance to fall back on.

We know just how challenging it can be to find the right forklifts for the job. It is not easy to find a forklift that is able to cater to your needs and requirements as well as fall within your budget constraints. That is why we offer both new and used forklifts to the market for rental and sale in Gauteng.

We cater to all markets and we only stock the finest quality brands for your consideration. There is no need to compromise on your business’ effectiveness and speediness. Simply consult with one of our team members about your budget and requirements, and we will furnish you with a detailed list of options.

The Bidvest team takes great pride in its products and services. There is simply no room for inferior quality when dealing with us and you will see our dedication in each and every successful sale. Whether you buy a new or used unit from us or someone else, we can assist you with ongoing repairs, maintenance, and servicing of the unit to ensure it remains in excellent condition or is quickly back in action if it happens to require any attention or have to be serviced. The success of your business affects us and as such, you can rest assured that want to keep your business moving just as much as you do.

If you would like to learn more about our range of forklifts for sale and to rent in Gauteng, waste no more time. Pick up the phone and call us or spend a moment at your computer to email us. We look forward to presenting you with a range of forklifts that will keep your business productive and profitable.


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