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Full Range of Warehouse Lifting Equipment

Full Range of Reliable Warehouse Lifting Equipment to Meet Your Application Needs

 When it comes to quality warehouse lifting equipment, look no further than our extensive range. We offer from reach trucks and pallet stackers to order pickers to meet your particular application requirements. To give you an idea of the performance capacity, safety features and functionality of our warehouse lifting equipment we briefly discuss some of the machines available.

Order Pickers

 We offer you high performance, easy-to-steer, and fast-accelerating order pickers to add to your warehouse lifting equipment. The order pickers are from the well-known and respected UniCarriers brand. You can thus expect ergonomically designed machines that are low on maintenance and extremely durable. The compact low-level order pickers have high top speeds, whilst also boasting a soft-braking function. The units come with comfortable and spacious cabins, specifically designed for hassle-free access and operation.

Each unit has a wide platform and low step with the floating floor adding to the comfort level of the operator. Of course, with the added comfort, the operator is less likely to experience premature fatigue and productivity is increased. For added safety, the entire floating floor acts as a safety switch to prevent warehouse accidents. The warehouse equipment is perfectly suited to first- and second-level picking and, with operating speeds of up to 12 km/h, you can expect swift operation. Of course, safety is imperative in the selection of any type of warehouse lifting equipment, and you will thus be glad to learn that friction-force technology has been used for improved tyre traction and increased stability with fast platform height adjustment.

Pallet Trucks

 Now you can maximise your pallet loads using the pallet trucks in our range of warehouse lifting equipment. The units have specially designed tiller arms on the trucks, enabling the operator to walk next to the pallet truck and to ensure maximum visibility of the fork and load. In this way, the risk of foot injuries is substantially reduced.

The trucks have been modularly designed and built for easier replacement of parts and adjustment of the technical platforms. In this way, you get maximum operation time and improved productivity. Each unit has onboard truck-management features, such as a control panel at the tiller arm for the display of battery status, date, time, and warning messages. Friction force technology has been used to improve the safety profiles of our versatile warehouse lifting equipment. The pallet trucks also come with PIN-based access control, which helps to prevent unauthorised usage and make it possible to have time and attendance logged for the various operators.

Pallet Stackers

 This type of warehouse lifting equipment is well-suited to medium-height operations. The units are AC-powered for superb performance and reliability. The designs facilitate low maintenance and maximum uptime, helping you to keep warehouse operations going. The pallet stackers have high load capacity and are perfectly suited for operation in small and restricted spaces. If you are looking for warehouse lifting equipment suitable for applications such as pallet stacking at heights of up to 4,2 m, we strongly recommend considering these units. These pallet stackers are also suitable for occasional order picking and short-, medium-, and long-distance travelling within the warehouse environment. With the robust construction of these units, you can expect longevity and the ability to handle the occasional bumps and knocks.

Reach Trucks

 We offer you 1,2- to 2,5-t reach trucks to complete your warehouse lifting equipment fleet with a variety of masts for lifting heights of up to 12,1 m for loading at height. These units are sit-on warehouse lifting equipment with all the safety features. The operator cabin is comfortable and warm with operation possible in temperatures as low as -35 °C, as can be encountered in cold rooms. The layout of the compartment enables an unobstructed view of the load and surrounds.

Precise mast movement is possible, because the operator can see the mast at all times. The units have been fitted with high-speed and high-load drive wheels for better stability and safety. Truck speed stability support adds to the safety profile of the unit; the truck speed is reduced when the forks are lifted and when the truck goes around corners. Mast speeds are also adjusted according to fork height. Get highly functional and safe warehouse lifting equipment that meets your application needs. View our range and call on us to help you select the units that will best match your requirements.


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