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Get the Best Forklift Rental Deals

How to Get the Best Forklift Rental Deal to Meet Your Operational Needs

Forklift rental makes economic sense when you need lifting equipment for a short period and for particular tasks. The option is suitable for fruit farmers requiring lifting machines to move crates of fruit to the storage facilities. For the rest of the year, the machines are not needed; as such, instead of having several machines not operating for ten months a year, farmers make use of our forklift-rental options for the peak seasons. The same applies to any warehouse or business requiring additional machines for short periods or for one-off projects. Medium- to long-term forklift rentals are cost-effective solutions, as opposed to outright purchases where business owners want:

  • To benefit from monthly tax-deductible expenses, as opposed to once-off capital expense deductions.
  • To avoid upfront capital layouts, which could cause cash-flow problems.
  • To rather keep the capital for business expansion.
  • The convenience of maintenance and service agreements.
  • To avoid having to deal with ageing machines.
  • Access to the latest and most advanced machines on the market.
  • To expand their lifting fleet without having to borrow money to do so.

Forklift-rental options range from short-term rental of a week or month to medium- and long-term, where the unit can be leased and the balance paid at the end of the lease period. In the latter instance, the business owner gets the opportunity to buy the machine at a far lower price at the end of the lease period.

Important Factors to Consider with Forklift Rental

Choosing the right machine for your particular business operations is vital, whether you buy, lease, or rent. To this end, make sure you understand your exact needs. Determine these by answering the questions below:

  • What is the maximum load that must be carried?
  • How high must the machine lift the maximum load?
  • How often will the machine lift the maximum load to the maximum height?
  • How high is the highest shelve that must be reached?
  • What is the door- or roof-height limitations (how low must the forklift’s mast be for safe entry and exit with and without a load)?
  • How many people will operate the machine during different shifts?
  • How many hours on end must the machine work per day?
  • What is the average travel distance and what is the maximum distance to travel at a time?
  • How often must the machine travel the distance (say from one end of the yard to the other)?
  • What is the average width of the aisles in which the machine must travel and turn?
  • What is the smallest space in which the machine must turn with a load?
  • Do you require the machine to lift pallets, oddly shaped items, boxes, crates, pipes, or barrels and thus need special attachments?
  • Will you use the machine indoors or outdoors?
  • What are the load dimensions?
  • When do you need to rent the machine and for how long?
  • How many machines do you need to rent?
  • Will the machine operate on smooth or uneven floor surfaces?
  • Will the machine need to travel up and down slopes with loads?

Once you have answered these questions, you will have a better idea of your requirements. Armed with this information, you can browse our website to view the different types and sizes of machines. You can also choose between diesel, petrol, LPG, and electric. Electric units are quiet, environmentally friendly and energy-efficient. These machines are mostly used indoors. Though one can use fuel-powered machines indoors if ventilation is sufficient and if the machines operate for short periods, it is best to use them outdoors.

View our range of forklifts and get in touch for more information about our affordable forklift-rental options in South Africa.


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