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Get the Best There Is with Our Range of Forklifts Driven by Diesel Engines

Get the Best There Is with Our Range of Forklifts Driven by Diesel Engines

If you are looking for diesel forklifts for sale, we recommend viewing our range of engine-driven forklifts. To give you an indication of the quality, performance, and safety of these engine-driven forklifts, we briefly introduce some of the diesel forklifts forming part of our product stable.

2-3-Tonne Smart Machine Series

As always, the UniCarriers brand does not disappoint when it comes to innovative designs in terms of their engine-driven forklifts. They now offer three types of engines, of which the Isuzu C240 diesel engine is of importance of if you want one of the diesel forklifts offered for sale in this series. The Kubota V2403 diesel might also interest you. These engines are known for their durability and exceptional performance. As such, they are often installed in industrial equipment. You can thus expect superior power under the hoods of the engine-driven forklifts in the Smart Machine Series.

Other noteworthy features are the high-mounted rear combination lights for optimal visibility, the anti-slip mat on the hood, and the single-piece headguard. You will also appreciate the rotating warning working light, windshield wiper for operation in rainy conditions, and ample floorspace for comfortable foot movement. Operator comfort is ensured with the multifunctional suspension seat. In terms of convenience, the units for sale in this range meet and exceed requirements. Features such as cupholders, a portable glovebox, and easy entrance and exit with the wide step add to the comfort and convenience of the diesel forklifts for sale in this range.

6-10-Ton 1F6 Series

On the heavy loader side, we offer the UniCarriers 1F6 Series. Just as innovative in design as the Smart Machine Series, the engine-driven forklifts in this range boast amazing load-handling abilities and just as impressive performance. With easy operation in mind, UniCarriers has gone all-out to ensure driver comfort. With it also being important to ensure maximum uptime of the machines, UniCarriers has made it just as easy to get under the hood with various serviceability features. The machines have fuel-efficient diesel engines and offer ample power and strong acceleration. Three performance modes make it possible to select the right amount of power and acceleration for the particular task and, with excellent lifting speed, you can expect fast and efficient operation when you need it.

As mentioned before, these machines are designed to make it easier to service them. The bonnets are easy to open and the trucks come with boltless floorboards in addition to snap-fit hydraulic oil filler caps. For driver convenience, the cabins are equipped with in-dash pen- and cupholders. With optimal visibility being extremely important when working with heavy machinery, UniCarriers has ensured wide front views thanks to the innovative designs of the forklifts for sale in this series. You would expect diesel-driven forklifts to be noisy, but not so when buying the UniCarriers diesel forklifts for sale. The machines are amazingly quiet, adding to their safety profiles. The trucks come with tilt steering wheels and automatic transmission systems.

The rugged mast, safety device on the parking brake lever and easy to see instrument panel are among the many safety features that put these trucks a step ahead of many other top brands of engine-driven forklifts. The above are but two of the engine-driven diesel forklift ranges in our product stable. You will also appreciate the features of the 3,5-5-tonne 1F5 Series, noted for its exceptional manoeuvrability, low vibration, and excellent durability. If you are looking for lower-capacity diesel forklifts for sale, consider the engine-driven machines in the 1,5-3,6-tonne range.

Regardless of your lifting requirements, you can rely on Bidvest Materials Handling to have the engine-driven forklifts to meet your requirements.


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