Heavy Duty Forklift for Sale 6 – 10 Ton

January 23, 2018 irenee@bidvestforklifts.co.za

Heavy Duty Forklift for Sale 6 – 10 Ton

Heavy-Duty Forklifts for sale from Bidvest Material Handling South Africa

If you have been looking for the best high-quality, heavy-duty forklifts available for sale in South Africa, look no further than Bidvest Forklifts. We can offer you an extensive range of forklift for sale, including the 1F6 Series engine-driven 6- to 10-ton forklift.

The forklift trucks in this series have been especially designed for optimal performance, regardless of the load-handling applications. With their amazing functionality, easy operation, capacity, and maximum operator comfort, we offer these heavy-duty forklifts for sale as the workhorses in our range. The units are fitted with high-power and exceptionally fuel-efficient engines, and they offer great lifting speed and three modes of performance. Their high acceleration ability enables a faster working rate and therefore higher productivity. The heavy-duty forklifts for sale in the 1F6 series also make it easy to quickly check under the hood. In addition, the trucks come with snap-fit hydraulic oil filler caps, boltless floorboards, and conveniently placed pen and cup holders.

Operators appreciate the wide and unobstructed front view and the convenience of being able to tilt the steering wheel according to operator requirements. Their low noise emissions facilitate quiet operation. The trucks are fitted with electric directional control levers and automatic transmissions. The instrument panel is designed for optimal visibility and easy reading at a glance, with a user-friendly layout. In addition, the trucks have strong and well-designed masts. The parking brake lever comes with a safety device, limiting the risk of accidental or unintentional movement while parked. A brief look at some of these and other useful features will give you an indication why the heavy-duty diesel forklifts for sale in this class will meet your operational requirements.

High-Power Engines

The standard 6,5-litre engines are also exceptionally fuel efficient, with the average consumption set at 232 g/kW h. The acceleration speed of 4,3 seconds per 10 m (loaded) is equally impressive. In addition, the operator can control performance according to job requirements, such as long-distance travelling, carrying heavy loads, or climbing steep gradients. The operation modes include “D” for normal mode and “1” for a gradient, while “DOPT” enables fast travelling. It is not just engine performance that counts, and when it comes to lifting speed, the forklifts also do not disappoint, with a rate of 500 mm per second, loaded.

Optimal Driver Comfort

The automatic transmission helps with smooth starting and acceleration without the need to shift gears. With the electric direction control lever, the operator can easily change the travel direction. An optional feature is the single control lever for easier control of lifting and tilting operations.

Superb Safety

In any heavy-duty operations, there is always the risk of accidents. However, with the safety features of the forklifts for sale under the UniCarriers brand, the risk is considerably reduced. The instrument panel is designed for maximum visibility, even under poor or overly bright light conditions. The parking brake has a safety button that must be pushed before it can be released. The mast assembly further ensures ruggedness and stability during operation.

Maintenance Accessibility

One problem often experienced with heavy-duty lifting equipment is the inaccessibility of the engine and important mechanical components. The design of the 1F6 Series, however, has taken accessibility in consideration, with features such a boltless floor, which can be removed and reinstalled without the need for special tools. The bonnet has a gas damper for quick and easy opening and closing.

Load-Handling Attachments

Attachments available for use with the trucks in the 1F6 series include extension forks, hinged forks, bale clamps, side shifts, fork positioners, and long forks. With these attachments, it is possible to handle various types of jobs effectively.

Optional Extras

Various optional extras are available to meet client requirements, such as a cold-weather specification, central greasing, plate-fin-type radiator, rear work light, fire extinguisher, right-hand direction change, overhead exhaust, spark arrest muffler, steel cabin, solid tyres, speedometer, heater, tilt cylinder boots, strobe light, and a weather separator.

If you are thus looking for the most functional heavy-duty forklift for sale in South Africa, do not look further than the 1F6 Series. The units in our product portfolio are made to last for years. You will also appreciate our extensive range of smaller forklifts and warehouse equipment, which includes electrical forklifts.


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