December 11, 2017

Heavy-Duty Forklifts for Sale

Tyre Considerations When Shopping for Heavy-Duty Forklifts for Sale

 Various factors must be taken into consideration when you browse amongst all the heavy-duty forklifts currently for sale, of which the type of tyre is briefly discussed below.

You have a choice between cushion, solid, and pneumatic tyres. Not all the heavy-duty forklifts offered for sale are designed for outdoor operations. It is thus important to consider the surfaces on which you will use your heavy-duty forklifts, to ensure that the units you choose have the right tyres for the job.


 Made from solid rubber, these tyres have a smaller chassis and are lower in height than their pneumatic counterparts. The lower position provides for more manoeuvrability in smaller spaces and a smaller turning circle. However, with the lower ground clearance, these tyres are not suitable for outdoor use, where obstacles can cause problems. Off all the forklifts for sale, those with cushion tyres are best used indoors, where you need vehicles that can operate in small spaces.


 If you are looking for the best outdoor heavy-duty forklifts for sale, choose units that come with pneumatic tyres. Generally, the fuel-powered types come with pneumatic tyres, which are wider than the cushion types used for indoor lifting equipment. These tyres can operate on rougher surfaces, such as gravel and uneven terrain. Keep in mind that, as with normal truck tyres, there is always a risk of punctures.


 The solid tyres are exceptionally durable and are puncture-proof. As such, opt for the forklifts offered for sale with solid tyres if the units will be used mostly outdoors. These tyres can operate in extreme conditions, such as construction sites, where the risk of punctures is eminent. A disadvantage is the higher price, in comparison with pneumatic tyres.

We offer an extensive range of heavy-duty forklifts for sale for indoor and outdoor usage. Make use of our expert consultants to help you choose relevant forklifts for your particular applications.


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