August 23, 2017

Heavy Duty Forklifts for Sale

1F6 Series UniCarriers Forklifts Designed for Optimal Performance and Productivity

 Choosing the right equipment for your construction site, warehouse, or manufacturing plant operations is essential. You need to know that the machinery will last for years, will be safe to operate, low on maintenance, fuel- or energy-efficient, practical, and functional within your specific operational requirements. You need to know that the supplier of the equipment offers superior quality machinery, such as the market-leading heavy-duty forklifts for sale from Bidvest Forklifts. We offer new and refurbished heavy-duty forklifts for sale, in addition to original manufacturer spares for the machinery. In addition, we have a well-equipped workshop and thus also offer service and maintenance on all the heavy-duty forklifts models that we offer for sale.

The 1F6 Series 6- to 8-t diesel and LPG forklifts from the UniCarriers brand are certainly worth consideration if you are looking for the highest quality heavy-duty forklifts for sale. The standard 6,5-litre unit boasts high performance and an exceptionally powerful engine, yet, it is also remarkably fuel-efficient. Add to the above, amazing acceleration ability of 10 m in 4,3 seconds when loaded and you can see how this forklift can help you handle the workload efficiently.

Lifting speed is important if the forklifts are used in a busy environment where time is of the essence. Faster lifting speed means being able to handle more lifting in an hour and the 1F6 Series does not disappoint. In fact, the heavy-duty forklifts available from us boast among the fastest lifting speeds in their class. With three modes of operation to choose from, the operator can control the speed and economy level of the machine according to the specific task requirements. This helps to improve both safety and productivity. Each unit comes with Normal, Gradient, and High-Speed modes. As such, it is possible to adjust performance and speed as required for carrying normal or heavy loads, travelling from one area of the yard to another, or climbing a steep gradient.

Safety is another important aspect to consider when buying forklifts. The 1F6 Series has several advanced safety features for improved stability, ruggedness for challenging outdoor work environments, and reliability. Design considerations include the cross-section design of the inner mast channels and the number of rollers. Forklifts are heavy-duty equipment and as such, it is imperative to ensure that the trucks do not roll away when parked. The design of the units in the 1F6 Series includes a special button to release the park brake and a safety design to prevent moving of the vehicle until the button has been pressed. The driver has no difficulty in viewing fuel/LPG levels, speed, and other important parameters because of the positioning of the large instrument panel.

Easy access to various parts for maintenance and servicing is also essential. The 1F6 Series includes thoughtful designs to facilitate the above with, for instance, removable floorboards, which are easy to remove and replace. The engine cover lifts for quick access to the engine compartment. Units in the 1F6 Series have snap-fit oil filler caps for easy removal and replacement. Operator comfort is also an important consideration when browsing for heavy-duty forklifts for sale. Units come standard with pen and cup holders, making it easier for operators to have everything close at hand and to prevent spills.

The steering wheel can be adjusted to each operator’s height level for improved steering control. An optional extra is the very useful single control, which enables the operator to control the tilt and lift operations with a single lever. This helps to improve productivity considerably. The operator does not have to manage shifting gears and can thus focus on safe driving and heavy lifting, because the units in the 1F6 Series come as standard with automatic transmission. This also facilitates smooth acceleration and thus safer operation, especially with heavy loads. Units also have electrical direction control, enabling easier steering and thus changing of direction. Special design features help achieve low noise emission levels, helping to reduce operator fatigue and thus improving the occupational safety profile of the 1F6 Series forklifts.

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