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Heavy-Duty Forklifts South Africa

4 Reasons to Buy the 1F6 Series Heavy-Duty Forklifts as Available from Us in South Africa

Are you looking for heavy-duty forklifts in South Africa? Consider the UniCarriers 1F6 Series 6-10-t heavy-duty forklifts as available from us. The Unicarriers brand is well-known internationally for its durable engines, environmentally conscious design features, fuel-efficient heavy-duty forklifts, reliable and durable equipment, comfortable and safe operator cabins, and thoughtful design for easy maintenance.

A Closer Look at Our 1F6 Series 6-10-t Forklifts Now Available in South Africa

When it comes to heavy-duty shipyard and outdoor operations, you need forklifts that can handle heavy loads, are easy to operate, and offer superior operator comfort. You want to ensure that routine maintenance can be done quickly and thus want heavy-duty forklifts that have been designed with serviceability in mind. The 1F6 series of heavy-duty forklifts in the capacity range of 6-10 t available from us have all of this and more.

  1. Superior Performance

These heavy-duty forklifts come with powerful, yet fuel-efficient engines. The operator has three performance modes to select from to ensure job-specific performance. The machines have Normal, Gradient, and High-Speed modes, so the operator can optimise performance for optimal productivity. Normal mode is for carrying loads at normal speed, with Gradient for climbing steep grades, and High-Speed for long-distance travelling. These heavy-duty forklifts are made for South Africa’s harsh weather and operating conditions. Robust in design, these high-performance units have unmatched lift speed and boast superb acceleration.

  1. Accessibility for Maintenance

Routine maintenance is essential to keep your forklifts running smoothly and to minimise downtime. With that in mind, UniCarriers have designed the machines with easy-to-open bonnets with gas dampers, snap-fit hydraulic oil-filler caps, and boltless floorboards. The boltless floorboards can be removed without the need for special tools and as such, the designs add to the serviceability of all the heavy-duty forklifts in the 1F6 series.

  1. Excellent Safety Profile

Productivity is a key aspect to consider when buying heavy-duty forklifts in South Africa. Another important consideration is that of safety. With thousands of manhours lost in South Africa every year because of workplace accidents, it has become extremely important to ensure that the equipment is as safe as possible. To this end, you will appreciate the safety features of the heavy-duty forklifts in the 1F6 series. The mast assembly has been designed with optimal safety in mind. Units have light-touch parking-brake levers that feature safety devices that prevent the levers from accidental release. As such, the risk of accidents related to forklifts rolling away is significantly reduced. The easy-to-see instrument panel with its LED illumination makes it simple to monitor speed and other parameters. As such, the operator can glance at the panel and return their attention to the job at hand. The wide front view design ensures maximum visibility of the surroundings for safer operation.

  1. Driver Comfort at Its Best

Driver fatigue leads to mistakes and mistakes cause injuries and financial losses. In addition, driver discomfort leads to lower productivity, so it makes sense to invest in heavy-duty forklifts that have features to improve driver comfort. The 1F6 series certainly delivers. Quiet operation ensures less stress and lower noise emission translates into less fatigue. In addition, the forklifts have tilting steering-wheel designs, ensuring that operators can adjust the steering’s height to their comfort level. Automatic transmission helps to reduce the workload of the operator, with the electric directional control lever design adding to driver comfort.

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