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High-Performance Electric Forklifts

High-Performance Electric Forklifts are Essential for Maximising Productivity in the Warehouse

Electric forklifts are well suited for warehouse operations. With characteristics such as low noise emissions, no hazardous gas emissions, and eco-friendly designs, having one or more of these machines in your warehouse is necessary to ensure optimal productivity. However, you will want electric forklifts that are safe to operate, energy efficient, and durable. In addition, you want machines boasting long operating hours, driver comfort to reduce fatigue early on in the day, and equipment that makes maintenance and battery changes easy. To this end, you will appreciate our range of electric forklifts, all from the reputable UniCarriers brand.

We briefly discuss some of the superb features associated with the BX Series 4-wheel 1,0-3,5-tonne machines in our product stable, providing you with insight as to why so many warehouse owners already buy their electric forklifts from us. With innovative technology embedded throughout the designs of these electric forklifts, you can be sure of superior performance, long work hours, fine control over travel speed, and the exemplary energy efficiency of the machines.

Performance at Its Best

For the movement of products from the loading or delivery docks to the appropriate shelves in the warehouse, you need vehicles that can travel at high speed. The electric forklifts in the BX series do not disappoint. The units feature superior travelling speed for long-distance travelling in the warehouse environment in addition to high lifting speed for optimal productivity. In addition, the units have enhanced low-speed operability, good restart capacity on inclines, and feature fuzzy logic acceleration control. The superior low-speed control facilitates accurate manoeuvring in small spaces.

The trucks also feature dust- and water-resistant controllers for improved reliability and come with 3+1 performance modes. With the new AC controllers featuring IP54 ratings, the controllers have special connectors that protect against water ingress and dirt build-up. The 3+1 performance modes enable the operator to use one of the three pre-set modes for travelling or to adjust the performance according to the desired level through a manual mode. The three pre-set performance modes are Economy for extended operating hours, Power for normal operation, and High-Power for maximum performance.

Easy Operation

Machines that are difficult to control and steer are safety hazards in a warehouse environment. Apart from the risk of accidents because of difficult steering, there is the fatigue factor to consider. Easy operation means less fatigue and it thus reduces the risk of mistakes as the result of fatigue. The units have comfortable operator seats, plenty of foot space, multifunctional LCD monitors for easier monitoring of energy, speed, and diagnostics, as well as foot parking brakes and small-diameter steering wheels with tilt adjustability.

Improved Safety

Adding to ease of operation and comfort are the additional safety features, such as the suspended seat, mast-lock system, sway-control system, and PIN access. With the PIN system, you can prevent unauthorised use of warehouse equipment. The electric forklifts in the BX Series have good forward visibility, made possible with the integration of the wide-view finger bar with the 3-stage full-free mast carriage in a single row. Because the foot space is free of obstructions that can restrict movement, the risk of accidental triggering of operations is eliminated. The floor height is low, facilitating easy access to and egress from the vehicle. The foot-style parking brake makes it easier to engage the parking brake. For added safety, a hand release system has been installed to prevent accidental release of the parking brake.

Long Operating Time

With electric forklifts requiring long charge periods, it is essential to buy forklifts that offer long operating hours. The units in the BX Series feature advanced regenerative technologies for reclaiming energy, enabling long operating hours because of low energy consumption. The units feature lifting/lowering, controlled rollback, accelerator-off, switchback, and footbrake regeneration technologies. The electrical forklifts also have power steering with load sensor technology, which directs oil to the power steering hydraulic circuit when the steering is active. In addition, the units feature the automatic power cut-off functionality. This ensures that a unit is automatically switched off if not operated for 15 consecutive minutes.

When it comes to performance, safety, energy efficiency, ease of operation, and longevity, you cannot ask for better than the electric forklifts from the UniCarriers brand available through us.


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