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High Quality and Affordable Forklifts Cape Town

Top-Performing Electric Forklifts Available in Cape Town from Bidvest Materials Handling

Electric forklifts are ideal for warehouse operations in Cape Town. Whether you are an importer, logistics provider, wholesaler, or materials-handling company, you will appreciate our extensive range of electric forklifts in Cape Town. As a proud supplier of the UniCarriers brand of lifting equipment, we briefly discuss one of the models available in our range of electric forklifts available in Cape Town.

FB Series 1- to 3,5-tonne Pneumatic-Tyre Electric Forklifts

With our head office in Cape Town, you also have the opportunity to visit our workshop and showroom. But to get you started on the selection of machines to suit your operational needs, let us look at the FB Series 1- to 3,5-tonne machines for sale in Cape Town.

Sustainable Design at Its Best

With more and more pressure on sustainable operations in Cape Town, you will want to invest in machines that add to your company’s eco-friendly profile. To this end, these forklifts do not disappoint. These counterbalanced lift trucks feature lower power-consumption rates and a long time between charges. This helps to reduce the environmental impact of your operations, whilst also improving productivity. The automatic power-off feature helps to reduce unnecessary power use. If the operator seat is empty or the machine is not operating for a set period, the machine’s power supply is switched off. This helps to reduce battery use. In addition, it makes the forklift safer, as the machine will not move until the operator is back in the driver’s seat.

Units with the optional electronic power steering (EPS) have as many as eight and a half hours of battery life on a single charge. This is possible because of the AC drive motor that is exceptionally economical. The motor uses less current and, combined with the regenerative features, you can expect superb performance for an entire shift on a single charge. These forklifts come with power-saving features such as accelerator-off, switch-back, and power regeneration under braking. With three power-output modes, it is possible to save on energy consumption. The Economy mode gives nine hours of operation at a travel speed of 14 km/h (unloaded). In Power mode at 15 km/h (unloaded), the machine gets eight and a half hours operation on a single charge. In Super mode at 16 km/h (unloaded), the machine gets eight hours of operation on a single charge.

Sound Ergonomics for An Improved Work Environment

Driver fatigue is one of the main reasons for workplace accidents. To this end, the FB series is designed with operator well-being in mind. Lower and wider footsteps make it easier to get into or out of the forklifts. This is important, as the operator is likely to enter and exit the truck several times during a shift. The compact design makes it possible to operate it in extremely narrow aisles. Each unit comes with a safety seat that includes a high back and side rests for comfort and support. The seat can recline to suit the physical features of the driver. Safe and comfortable seating helps to prevent premature driver fatigue. The steering wheel can be tilted and its height adjusted to meet the operator’s physical features, further adding to the driver’s comfort and thus reducing operator fatigue. The light and turn-signal switches have been integrated into a single lever for easier use. The ample floor space further improves comfort, while it also caters for drivers of different sizes. Automatic speed reduction according to the angle of the wheels helps to increase operational safety and reduce accidents related to turning at too high speed.

No doubt, these electric forklifts are economical, safe, and performance-driven. Download the brochure and contact our Cape Town office for more information on prices.


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