May 29, 2018

Improve Productivity and Efficiency with Our Warehouse Lifting Equipment

Improve Productivity and Efficiency with Our Warehouse Lifting Equipment

 When it comes to warehouse lifting equipment, you want machines that are safe, reliable, and energy-efficient. We do not disappoint with our range of warehouse lifting equipment.

Reach Trucks

Need equipment to reach higher stacks? Consider our reach trucks, which boast superb performance. We offer reach trucks from 1,2- to 2,5-t capacity, with masts than can reach lifting heights of over 12 m. These trucks can handle big loads throughout the day. With options such as rail guidance or drive-in rack, you can customise the machines to suit your application requirements.

Order Pickers

Warehouses are not just about stacking. You also need order pickers for inventory management. We offer exceptionally compact low-level order pickers that feature superb acceleration, swift travel speeds, and soft braking. The units have tiller arms and you have the option of power steering for reduced operator fatigue. If you want warehouse lifting equipment that operates smoothly and ensures fast and efficient operation, these order pickers should form part of your fleet.

The units have truck computers to adjust settings, and diagnostics to ensure maximum uptime of the engines. We offer the PPL and PPD; PPL has a low, fixed platform, while the PPD has a rising platform. If you are unsure which one to choose, simply give us a call and we will help you select the one that is right for your requirements.

Pallet Trucks

Also forming part of our warehouse lifting equipment portfolio, the pallet trucks we offer make it easier to manage pallet loads efficiently. You can use these heavy-duty trucks in the warehouse or even on the showroom floor. The units are low lifters for lower-stack operations.

Pallet Stackers

Complete your warehouse lifting equipment fleet with our range of pallet stackers. Designed to take up as little space as possible and to make stacking a breeze, these stackers are also very energy-efficient.

View our full range of equipment and let us help you decide which ones to add to your fleet for your warehouse operations.


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