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Latest Models – Forklifts for Sale

Which of the Latest Forklift Models for Sale will be Right for Your Application Needs?

Selecting the right equipment or machinery for lifting, stacking, and the like can be difficult, especially when looking at the wide range of forklifts for sale. Knowing which of the latest models will suit your particular application requirements is, however, important as to avoid costly buying or renting mistakes.

That’s why we provide a brief overview of the various types of lifting machines and forklifts to help you make an informed buying, leasing, or renting decision. If you still find it difficult to determine which type of machine matches your particular requirements, feel free to get in contact with our consultants for more information and professional assistance in forklift selection.

Difference Between 3-wheel and 4-wheel Forklift Models for Sale

The 3-wheel models are mostly electrically powered and have cushion-type tyres. Made for mainly indoor usage where smooth surfaces are available, these forklifts, especially the latest models, are exceptionally manoeuvrable, making them perfect for applications in the aisles of warehouses. The units are used for moving loaded pallets and for loading or unloading delivery trucks.

The 4-wheel forklift models are also used for loading and unloading from delivery trucks in addition to movement and stacking pallets. The 4-wheel units are available in electric or with diesel/petrol engines. The diesel types have pneumatic tyres for outdoor usage where the units must travel faster or over greater distances than with indoor settings. The latest models have high ground clearance, making it possible to operate on uneven outdoor surfaces. Electric units are suitable for indoor usage because the units are quiet and don’t have emissions that can become problematic in indoor areas where ventilation may be limited.

Difference Between the Single- and Double-Reach Truck

Also known as a narrow-aisle lifting machine or truck, it is used for racking pallets in an indoor area where there is a smooth surface. The single-reach model reaches the distance of one pallet, with a double-reach being able to extend double the distance or the length of two pallets. These units are fitted with outriggers in front to provide adequate load support.

Difference Between a Picker and Stacker

The picker is also known as a stock or order picker and has an elevated platform on which the operator stands. It comes with forks that can be raised for load lifting and selection. The unit is well-suited to applications in narrow spaces. The stacker or jack are available in ride-on and walk-behind models for economical and time-efficient transporting of loads indoors or outdoors over shorter distances. The models have forks that are slightly raised and some models can load up to two pallets at a time. The tyres are solid and some models have masts for load-lifting onto the correct level for racking purposes.

Truck Loading Forklifts

The stand-up counterbalanced models are used mostly for unloading of delivery trucks where it is important that the rider is able to quickly get up or down from the forklift. These units are predominantly used indoors and are electric. Because of their unique designs, the forklifts in this category can be used in narrow aisles.

Which Type is Suitable for Maintenance Work?

If you are looking for a forklift that can be used for maintenance applications, the scissor lift is the solution. Bucket-control or one-man lifts are available on the market and can be either electric or combustion engine-driven.

When to Look for a Side-loader for Sale

If you have a warehouse or stockyard where the aisles are very narrow, you will benefit from the side-loader, which is usually electrically driven and loads from the side.

Tow Tractor

The unit pulls loads from one area to another in the warehouse or stockyard. It can be electric or combustion engine-driven.

Determine the load that must be lifted or loaded, the distances that must be travelled, whether indoors or outdoors, the space and emissions limitations, weight of load, and the reach the unit must have. Once you have narrowed down your application needs, give us a call for more information on the latest models and our various purchasing, renting, and leasing options. We offer the latest models forklifts for sale and for rental. You also have a rent-to-own option.


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