November 28, 2017

Material Handling Equipment from Bidvest Forklifts South Africa

Why Buy Material Handling Equipment from Bidvest Forklifts in South Africa?

 Bidvest Forklifts South Africa is owned by the Bidvest Group. The company started out in 2010 as Bidvest Materials Handling (Pty) Ltd, as a trading agent of Bidvest Commercial Products. The main purpose of Bidvest Forklifts in South Africa is to import and distribute high-quality and reliable material handling equipment, parts, and services. The product offering is extensive, with material handling equipment ranging from warehouse equipment, such as pallet trucks, order pickers, and stackers, to fuel and electrically powered forklifts. Bidvest Forklifts in South Africa offers new forklifts for sale, in addition to used units. Clients benefit from long-term rental services, maintenance contracts, and repairs of all makes of forklifts. In addition, the company offers parts supply on all brands, as well as battery supply and maintenance services. Clients can also hire machines for short-term projects.

Supplier of the UniCarriers Brand

 The UniCarriers brand is well known in the material handling industry. The company has integrated with Nissan Forklift and TCM to offer clients years of experience, superior product quality, and innovative technology.

Engine-Driven Forklifts

 The 1F Series engine-driven forklifts from the UniCarriers brand are environmentally friendly and exceptionally comfortable to drive. Bidvest Forklifts South Africa is proud to be a supplier of all the forklifts in this range. UniCarriers designed the forklifts with the total lifecycle of the units in mind, to ensure cost-effectiveness for the owners. As such, buyers can expect superior productivity, excellent reliability, and low cost of ownership.

The 1F5 Series forklift in this range offers a 3,5-5-t capacity. The units boast various new features to make the machine even more productive. Such features include enhanced manoeuvrability, added driver comfort, the latest safety features, and superb durability. On top of all these winning features, these machines are also fuel-efficient and productive. The 1F6 Series is designed specifically to ensure optimal performance with added safety and advanced driver comfort features. In this way, these units are exceptionally reliable and safe to operate, regardless of the load handling tasks they have to perform. The 2-3-t engine-driven machines in the 1F Smart Machine Series deserve a special mention for their exceptional reliability, low cost of maintenance, durability, and low environmental impact.

Electrical Forklifts

 Also available from Bidvest Forklifts in South Africa are the electrical forklifts from the UniCarriers brand. The TX Series – 3-wheeled, with capacity up to 2 t – boasts great performance and high productivity because of several features that enhance efficiency. As with other forklifts in the UniCarriers product stable, the units feature amazing operator comfort and safety, low energy usage, long hours of operation, and low maintenance. The BX Series of electrical forklifts features 4-wheeled units. Efficiency and safety technologies are balanced for driver comfort and safety, easy operation, and maximum load capacity.

Forklift Services

 Bidvest Forklifts in South Africa offers service and maintenance contracts, spare parts, and repairs on all makes of forklifts. As such, the company offers a one-stop service for any person needing repairs for their forklifts.

Forklift Rental

 Clients benefit from the rental option, allowing them to have high-quality machines in their fleet without the large capital outlays associated with the purchasing of new machines. Long-term rental is also suitable for companies that require additions to their fleets for specific projects or seasons. With 24-hour breakdown assistance available, clients know that, when they rent machines from the company and breakdowns occur, they would not have to shut down their operations, since assistance is readily available.

The company offers short- and long-term rental options. The short-term options range from weekly to monthly packages, structured to meet client requirements. Long-term rentals are offered for 3, 5, and 6-year periods and packages can be structured on a rent-to-own basis. The rent-to-own packages make it possible for clients to expand their fleets without large upfront capital outlays. In this way, they also able to add the newest forklifts on the market to their fleets without affecting cash flow negatively.

Second-Hand Forklifts

 Quality second-hand forklifts from the Nissan brand are available at remarkably affordable prices. Clients benefit from the expertise offered by the consultants at Bidvest Forklifts in South Africa regarding the most appropriate machines for their particular application requirements. With a wide range of material handling machines, the company can meet just about any warehouse material handling equipment need in South Africa.


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