September 18, 2018

Meet All Your Pallet-Stacking Needs with Our Range of Warehouse Equipment

Meet All Your Pallet-Stacking Needs with Our Range of Warehouse Equipment

Apart from forklifts to rent or for sale, we offer a range of warehouse equipment that include reach trucks, order pickers, and pallet stackers for sale. As such, we are able to cater to a wide range of needs and applications.

If you are looking for strong, durable, and energy-efficient pallet stackers for sale, you will appreciate the PSL/PSD compact-stacking pallet stackers, specifically designed for medium-height operations. These pedestrian stackers are for sale from us and are suitable for short- and long-distance travelling in the warehouse environment. The units can also be used for occasional picking. The PSL range of pedestrian pallet stackers that we offer for sale are suitable for single-pallet loads, while the PSD types are made for double-pallet lifting applications.

What makes these units stand out from many other pedestrian pallet stackers offered for sale is their modern design that incorporates various features to ensure optimal safety of people and a significant reduction in the risk of damage to property. The modern design includes having rounded edges, which help to eliminate the risk of the corners of the units striking or becoming snagged on shelves or goods. With rounded edges, the risk of damage to goods associated with stackers bumping into products or shelves is also significantly reduced. In addition, the rounded edges make for easier cleaning of the units.

The units feature robust bodies for excellent durability. With metal sides, occasional knocks are shrugged off and, should a unit suffer a breakdown or body damage, the modular design makes it possible to use the components of another one in your fleet. With the availability of components and ability to them such across the range, it is possible to quickly get a unit up and running again when necessary. The pedestrian pallet stackers we have for sale are AC-powered for smooth and quiet operation. With no harmful emissions, these units are perfectly suited for operation in warehouses where food and other sensitive products are stored.

The units are designed to provide easy access to their components. This helps to minimise service, maintenance, and repair time and ensure maximum uptime, which is essential in the warehouse environment. The units are also easy to control, featuring a tiller arm that is offset, which enables the operator to walk next to the unit with the tiller under control of their right hand and controls for lifting and lowering easy to reach in the tiller head. With the low chassis of the unit, the operator has an unobstructed view of the stacker forks throughout operation.

The units are stable, facilitating high load capacity with ample safety. With their compact design that ensures a small footprint, they can operate in small spaces with ease. The manoeuvrability of the stackers adds to their value in the warehouse. The tiller-based steering is also compact in design, ensuring that it can fit into the operator’s hand with ease. All the control functions are easily accessible within the tiller steer, including a keypad for individual settings.

The PSP pedestrian stackers can handle stacking applications of up to 5,4 m high and the PDP units are well suited for cross-docking applications. Both the PSP and PDP have foldable platforms with low step-up heights. We also offer the exceptionally comfortable sit-on pallet stackers for sale in the XJN/XSN range. The modular designs of these units make it possible to tailor the units according to application requirements. These units have clear-view telescopic and double telescopic masts.

This is only a short introduction to the range of pallet stackers we offer for sale. Download our brochure and speak to our consultants about your particular warehouse equipment requirements to ensure that you get the best units for the job.


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